Birthday, one special day in a year you can proudly say it is completely yours. The best gift we can bestow ourselves on this day is to live well and celebrate every moment of our life. In our life journey, birthdays come as a day full of celebration and what you celebrate is you, just you! Also, Birthdays are to create memories for a year until the next birthday comes. So, if you are looking for the cake shop in Melbourne for the best cartoon theme cakes then you are in the right place !!

Cakes are special, every birthday, every celebration is incomplete without a cake. Everyone has their favorite cake from childhood withholding the memory of our cartoon characters. How much we adore cartoons that we needed everything in cartoon shape! Those memories are so special and we still cherish those childhood days. Time to relive and recreate those moments with your favorite toon stars in a healthy and tempting way.

A healthy way of celebrations with cakes sound something unmatchable, right? No, wrong! You can celebrate birthdays in lively and healthful ways by getting yourself a vegan cake without even compromising with look and feel of the cake. The vegan cake tastes as good as regular cakes.

We can hit the jackpot of our memories by celebrating our own birthday as well as our kids’ birthday with the famous and loved cartoon characters.

Here is a glimpse of five famous cartoons themed vegan cakes in Melbourne:

  1. Mickey mouse cake

This happy and funky cartoon brings excitement and joy to the children's face. They become overwhelmed and excited about the Mickey themed cake on their birthdays. Children love to even dress up like Mickey; red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves. This award-winning cartoon star shines brightly in birthday parties and the joy and ecstasy it brings to your kids’ face will be way more precious than any awards in the world.

  1. BARBIE princess cake

“Girls are born with glitter in their veins”. Barbie princess cake is a very special way to say them how special role they hold. They add beauty in everyone’s life around her just like the frosting of barbie cake does to the regular cake. This is the perfect birthday cake in Melbourne for a Barbie themed party for girls.

  1. Ben and holly little kingdom cake

Every kid dreams of having a castle or the king/queen of a kingdom. Ben is an elf and Holly is a fairy princess. Cakes with Ben and Holly on top make children feel like they are on top of the world and owns a kingdom. Kids have the fantasy of having magical powers and so fascinated with Holly magical powers. With this cake on their birthdays make them live in their dream world and can cherish it when they grow older. If you are looking for the best cake shops near me, Isher makes the best cakes in Melbourne. The flavour of the cake will be totally up to you and your kid, but we suggest you let them have their pick.

  1. Doraemon cake

Doraemon is a geeky cat who has lots of gadgets in his pocket. In this technical era, everyone wants one Doraemon in their life who always help them out from the problems the way Doraemon does to his friend Nobita. It is another famous cartoon star among young kids. So, Doraemon cake would be deeply loved by children on their birthdays. If you want to order this eggless cake in Melbourne today visit our birthday cake category.

  1. Paw patrol fondant cake

Paw patrol is a group of heroic pups who believes “no job is too big; no pup is too small”. Paw patrol fondant cake is the best way to inspire your children in a very lighter and sweeter way. Children grasp things easily from their favorite cartoons and Paw Patrol is also loved by teens. This birthday cake would be the smartest way to celebrate the birth anniversary.

All the cakes of our best bakery in Melbourne are completely vegan and made by all healthy ingredients, edible colors, and decors, not compromising children’s health. These vegan birthday cakes can create memories for you and for your little ones as well. Treasure your birthdays with our toon inspired vegan cakes for years.

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