Cake frosting is one of the best ways to bake a great cake. Over decades cake bakers have developed new methods of frosting the cakes and even today, and in the future, the latest trends will keep coming. As one of the modern cake shop Melbourne, we have developed dozens of new ways of frosting the cake. However, in this write up we will focus on the classic cake frosting styles. So we will talk about how a basic spatula can create a beautiful, magical cake. However, before we directly start with the frosting, some fundamental factors need to be addressed. Let take a look at the cake structure before starting with frosting.

Step 1

Level your Cakes: The first step to making a good cake outside is by making it right inside. A well-stocked cake gives an excellent base to the cake decorator. It minimizes the effort in balancing the cake frosting. To make an even layered cake, you need to make sure that the cake is balanced inside. It gives stability to the cake. You will need to cut and flatten the cake slices to remove the dome effect of baking. After that fill right amount of buttercream and keep the layers flat one atop other. To bake the best cakes in Melbourne, we make sure that every cake we bake remains stable even with loads of dressing and delivery stress.

Step 2

Even a well-stocked cake can face the issue of getting soggy after buttercream is applied. So to give the cake more firm grip, we need to freeze the cake before filling ganache. So cut the cake layers after it comes down to the room temperature. Then wrap each layer of the cake with plastic wrap. It would help if you made sure no part is open as it will take away the moisture. The last thing that we do as the best bakery Melbourne is to wrap the layers in Aluminum foil. This ensures that the cake aroma remains intact.

Step 3

Now when you bring your cake out for icing, make sure you add the crumb coat. The crumb coat will give a tough layer of cream on the cake walls which will keep the tiny crumbs of cake from falling out of frosting and creating bumps. You can initially cover the bumps by icing, but within a short time, the icing goes down into the cracks, making the cake surface rough. At Isher`s we bake every custom cake with so much care that once you have tasted our cake, you will always look for the same taste and cake looks while searching for a cake shop near me.

After getting the cake base ready, we are now prepared to give the final icing to the cake. So let's finally take a look into the three classic frosting styles:

  1. The Naked Cake

Though naked cakes are the original cake designs, they were missing from the floor for decades. Naked cakes were the most common type of wedding cakes in the 18th Century. However, now with time, the naked cakes are coming back in fashion. It is widely used when people avoid frosting or want the cake in its natural look. Today they are baked with the cake base of different colors and are best complemented with the real flowers atop and sides. It is an excellent example of one of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne baked for traditional and farm estate wedding style. Apart from this is it as we promised, just magic of timely baking and a spatula.

  1. The Perfectly Rustic Cake

Well, one might say that rustic is the most simple of cake frosting styles. The skill set behind making this frosting is very simple. Keep it fast and save the cake from crumbs. A Rustic surface is very rough and all one needs is to make the surface look great. All you have to do is to make sure that the swirls you make are skillfully messy. This cake will not only save your time, but also this cake is best in making a cake special. As the best bakery in Melbourne, we make sure that the cakes we bake have the taste and look you deserve. This rustic cake even after having a rough surface, looks like a great eggless cake, due to conventional grace in its look.

  1. The Perfectly Smooth Cake

This is one of the most common cake designs. However, as most beautiful things In life are simple and straightforward, so is this simple cake icing. The idea of a smooth cake sounds dull, but it gives space for some of the best designs for the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. It is because of the flat surface that we can generate great top designs. From 3D imprints to Hand paint to simple sprinkle of candy dust make for the most beautiful modern cake designs. This cake only needs a spatula and leaves everything else to your creativity. Though a great cake baker can always add a twist by adding slight drops of colors and use the buttercream without blending the color tone thoroughly. A perfectly smooth cake gives the opportunity to explore the simplicity of design.

At Isher Eggless Bakers we bake some of the most elegant cakes in Melbourne. Our Eggless and Vegan cakes are so fresh that if you get a bite of our cruelty-free baked goodies, you will never forget the taste it offers. So much so that when next time you look for a bakery near me, Isher`s will be your benchmark. All our fresh Eggless cakes, Vegan cakes, Eggless cupcakes, Vegan Cupcakes, and Cookies are available online with the home delivery option. So why wait, order online and enjoy the blend of modern baking. Order now at :

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