Cake baking and decoration has become an art form of its own now. From Floral flavor combinations to geometric pattern and image printing to hand painted cakes, we have come a long way. Custom cake decorations for almost every occasion is quite common these days. Whether it's a graduation party, wedding, birthday, anniversary or farewell, a cake is a must. People always look for something fresh, unique and trendy for their special days. They look for a cake shop near me to get the best cake options that can go with their themes and personal style. Some techniques are Glass finish, crystal decoration, piping techniques, sculpting, chocolate collars, galaxy cakes, etc. the list is endless.

Floral theme cakes are quite popular. However, amongst all these floral techniques biggest cake trends this year has been the rosette cake. Rosette cakes are floral pattern made with the help of buttercream frosting piped on the cake by adding different or similar size beautiful floral accent. If you are looking for the best cake shop in Melbourne for a rosette cake, then we have some amazing cakes to blow your mind.

Here are a few Isher's rosette cakes that will compel you to grab your spoons right away.

Blue Aumbrey Rosette Cake IE 287

The first option on our list is the blue Aumbrey Rosette Cake. Just look at the beautiful blue color; it's a sight to behold. The pearl decoration gives an extra edge that makes it appear more delicate and sophisticated. This floral delicacy is available in different size and five different flavors, namely chocolate, vanilla mango, vanilla pineapple, vanilla strawberry, and black forest. This beautiful, delicious cake is one of the best cakes in Melbourne and is perfect for all occasions.

IE 55 Pink and blue Rosette cake

Next up our list is the pink and blue rosette cake. These satiny velvet rosettes are a delight for the eyes because the colors compliment each other so beautifully and vegan buttercream swirls give it a chic look. It's available in 3 different sizes and five different flavors. With the patterned blue and pink rosettes piped on it, this cake is perfect for all occasions, but it will especially go well at a boy-girl reveal party.

VC 158 Vegan Fresh Cream Rosette Cake

Geometric patterns and textures have kind of dominated interior furnishings for a while now, and this trend has paved its path into cake making too. This cake is simple yet elegant, and the rosettes are pearl white with a blue square in the middle which gives it a unique geometric touch. This cake is vegan, as the name suggests, is available five mouth-watering flavors. If you are searching for the vegan cake in Melbourne, then this cake is perfect!!

Mickie & Minnie Rosette Cake IE 289

The Fourth one on our list is the Mickie & Minnie Rosette Cake. This cake is hands down one of the gorgeous cakes. The swirls of ruffled blue and pink rosettes provide a pleasant contrast. Mickey and Minnie centerpieces on the top act as the fun element and play a significant role in stealing the show. If you have twins and you are searching for a perfect birthday bakery near me for a cake that can make your kids happy. Then you can double the fun with this one. Apart from birthdays this cake can also be used in a baby shower or reveal parties.

IE 301 Pink Aumbrey Rosette Cake

The third cake in this list is our best seller the pink aumbrey cake. It's perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or if you want to open your heart and propose. Because if you're going to profess your love nothing can ever beat the pink roses, right? This cake is frosted in smooth flavored buttercream from top to bottom. The ombre rosettes are dark at the bottom and gradually fades to plush pink color that covers the whole top. This pink ombre cake is light, silky and velvety. Because of the smooth finish, this cake looks as chic and refined as the flavors. The frosting is vegan/ eggless butter-based, and the cake is moist, rich and available in different flavors.

Rosette cakes have taken the cake industry by storm this year, and the cases mentioned above are just some of our best selling cakes. Visit Ishers Eggless Bakery and give us a try. Whether it's vegan, eggless or birthday cakes in Melbourne, we deliver the best. Make sure to check out the vast collection available on our website and make your parties a hit.

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