"There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate" - Robert Brault.

And, for each occasion, we have specific plans and ideas. Whether its dear one's birthday or big wedding day or an anniversary or homecoming of someone or a simple get together - every event has its uniqueness. So, greet uniqueness with the best cakes in Melbourne; cakes that you can customize with your ideas !!

Cakes are no longer round-shaped desert; they have changed over time. From its shape to flavor to style, everything can be modified now. Giving a touch of customization to the cake, increase the importance of the celebration.

Located in Clayton, our cake shop is the ideal destination for buying customized eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne for any occasion. Whether it's choosing the shape of the cake, its flavor or fondants, we bake according to your requirements. Our cake decorators leave no stone unturned to deliver your dream cake without compromising the quality and taste of the cake.

Isher Bakers knows this, and therefore we deliver the range of best custom cakes in Melbourne. Simple steps to follow to order your custom cake:

Step 1: Choose your party theme

Step 2: Send us a picture of the cake you like to be baked

Step 3: Tell us about flavors, fondants, colors, icing, and dietary requirements

Step 4: Provide us with additional information related to the size of the cake and date of your occasion.

Step 5: Send your contact details so that we can update you about your cake progress.

Here are some of our best custom eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne that have left everyone amazed in the gathering

Peacock Cream Cake

"Pretty in Peacock Cake" - the first words you are going to hear from your guests.

Vanilla multi-tier base topped with bright peacock and its shiny glowing feather, this cake is all aflutter. The handmade buttercream feathers give the cake a beautiful colorful effect. The cake is best suited for the bridal shower, baby shower, and also as an assortment of cakes on a wedding table spread.

This cake is one of the best designer eggless cakes in Melbourne for your girl's party. Add an extra feather in the cap by serving this cake with peacock themed sugar cookies.

Golden White Cream Flower Cake IE 362

Wedding day is the big day in everyone's life. From its decoration to the food catered, everything needs to be perfect for the day. The most fun part of the day is pictures that will stay forever, especially when it comes to the wedding cake.

This golden white cream cake is a real show stealer of your day. Cake of such style is trending these days. Peach and little pink floral covering shout the springtime celebrations. Moreover, the hand-painted watercolor tiers give this cake a classy and royal look.

So, if you're looking for a bakery in Melbourne to bake your dream wedding cake, then you are in the right place. The pretty pink flowers, along with hand-painted details and intricate piping, make this cake your ideal wedding cake. It also goes well with engagement parties.

Alice in Wonderland Clock

Here is Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Hatter's Tea Party Clock Theme Cake. This cake is based on one of the most fabulous cake themes.

The multi-tier cake has been handmade by our designers keeping in mind each small technical detail. Royal in peach multi-tier and classy in golden buttercream clock and key decorators; only the best cake shop in Melbourne can bake a cake with such perfection.

This cake is going to give amusement and astonishment to all the guests, especially kids.

Ice cream Cone Cake

The motto of the cake is:" eat your slice in a cone rather than on a plate."

Upside Down Ice Cream Cake is a creative twist given to the traditional birthday cake. Vanilla buttercream frosting and colorful cream rosettes with an inverted cone at the top provides an attractive look to the cake. Kids will shriek with joy seeing this delicious cake.

The wafer cones are crispy and filled with batter baked handmade by our professional bakers. You will relish each bite of this cake.

When it comes to celebrating your special day, the first thing stuck to your guest's memory is food, especially tasty desserts. And the cake is the soul of parties. The custom cake is a reflection of your emotion and style. So, you cannot order your cake from any "cake shop near me." So, it deserves to be unique — a cake like never before.

Don't keep thinking, bring your ideas to us, and get your dreamy, delicious cake.

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