Everyone has a particular flavour, texture and the right amount of moistness of cake in mind when they order. However, children are far less discriminating when it comes to the quality of the cake, they are going to love it no matter what it tastes like. Just say the word “Cake” and they will come back screaming.

There are a lot of toys and games in the market that can help in developing kids brain and generating interest in subjects like science, maths, and games like chess.

When kids like cake so much then why not use it to make subjects more interesting? Isher Bakers is the best cake shop in Melbourne and we have some marvelous Subject themed cakes for your school going kids. Be it science, art, games or festive, you’ll find a wide range of cakes to sizzle the day.

Without worrying about allergies or preferences, Isher can help you prepare a cake that everyone can have and will love no matter what. We have compiled some subject-themed cakes that are our favorite amongst the options available on our website.

IE 193 Science Theme Cake Fondant

Did you know that recently 4 new elements are added into Periodic Table? Science is a pretty fascinating world and the periodic table is the core of this subject. From a human brain to the periodic table, kids can dive into the fascinating world of science cakes.

We’ve combined our love for cake and your fascination with science to make this science-themed cake. It’s a fondant covered cake with the periodic table elements on the side of the orange base fondant, a few chemical formulas and molecules are made with cake and are stick to give it a geeky feel. We have the best cakes in Melbourne with awesome themes that are available in vegan and eggless base and decorations.

It’s available in 2 different sizes and combination of 4 mouth-watering flavours namely dark and white chocolate truffle, chocolate ganache, and vanilla, that kids can’t help but love and enjoy.

IE 19 Painting Theme Cake

Schools are the perfect place to bring out the creativity in kids. Kids are like a blank canvas. Painting and drawing classes can help kids express themselves and their ideas just with a few strokes of a brush.

If you are looking for an eggless cake in Melbourne that won’t compromise the quality or taste, try our Painting theme cake. It’s fun to look at, moist and delicate to eat. It has a little blank canvas on top with small little elements like a paint tray, a bush, pencils, etc.

Available in 5 different flavours - vanilla, black forest, chocolate, vanilla pineapple, and vanilla mango. Kids will absolutely adore this painting theme cake. It is one that you should not miss at any cost!

IE 315 Fondant Chess Cake

Practice and perseverance can help make a person perfect if you are attempting out to develop a new skill like chess. Instead of opting for online chess games, we believe a real-life chessboard is a better way to start with the basics.

Isher Bakers chess cake is perfect to introduce this magnificent board game to children. Replicated to look like a chess board this delicious cake is covered in fondant chess squares with the whole pack of white and black teams.

This 14’’ cake is available in 4 different flavours i.e. chocolate with dark chocolate ganache, vanilla with white chocolate truffle, vanilla with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate with white chocolate truffle.

IE 304 Soccer Theme Cake

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sports and physical activities are required to integrate important child development aspects. One such activity is soccer, played at all levels from kids leagues to professional teams throughout the world.

Isher’s Soccer theme cake is a delight to look at. The fondant players, goal posts, soccer ball, and the field grass are all replicated so beautifully that kid slove it at first sight. It’s the best vegan cake in Melbourne that tastes as good as it looks.

Available in eggless and vegan options, this cake will definitely be a showstopper amongst the kids. You can order it in three different sizes depending on the class size and 5 mouth-watering flavours like vanilla, black forest, chocolate, vanilla pineapple and vanilla mango.

IE 192 Nautical Theme Cake Fondant

A Nautical Theme Party for kids can be a good idea as kids love boats and everything flashy. From fondant waves to sculpted yachts, we've got your back if you want to take a nautical themed cake for school kids.

This fondant cake is so rich in colour and taste. The White base colour with red and blue elements adds to its beauty. Available in 4 decadent flavours and 2 different sizes, you won’t find it at any normal cake shop near me bakery.

The braided ropes, anchor and the swim tube details are really intricate. Order and help kids sail away on the dreams filled with seas of buttercream and waves of fondant with Isher’s Nautical Theme Cake.

If you looking for cakes for a birthday party, festive meet, subject themes, sports, board games or just a random excuse to order some delicious cake to share with the kids, try Isher’s.

Last but not least, bakeries in Melbourne that can make personalized cakes are many. But at Ishers, we make customized freshly baked cakes and if you have preferences or allergies you would like to tell us beforehand we can adjust it accordingly. Search and decide what you want, order and we’ll deliver it whenever and wherever you want.

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