Well, Who doesn't love cupcakes? They're the perfect personal mini cakes/ treats for any special occasion. Just like cakes, there are so many flavors to choose from, like the rich and moist chocolate, classic vanilla, delicious peanut butter, tangy blueberry, and so on.

Do you know the best thing about cupcakes? Even if you keep the base same, the frosting and toppings can completely transform the taste. Honestly, you can make any celebration from carnivals to receptions and from birthday parties to anniversaries, better by adding these personalized and individual mini cakes. Are you looking for the best bakery Melbourne that can help you with it? Have a look at our cupcakes; you'll enjoy every bite and crumb, pinky promise.

Let us rewind a little, shall we? So the history of the cupcake dates back to the 1700s. The first mention appeared in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons. It was also trendy in the original Thirteen Colonies for its wealth of cooking tips, techniques, and recipes that brought together English cooking methods and local ingredients found in the American Northwest.

Nowadays, cupcakes are a preferred choice when you gather with your loved ones. They add a little fun to your meals while sharing stories or just relaxing. These tasty delights with different color designs, themes, frosting can amp up the dinner table. From miniature cheesecakes to zesty lemon cupcakes, the possibilities are endless.

Custom crafted cupcakes are a great way to enhance any special event. No matter the occasion, large or small, cupcakes are a delicious and decorative dessert option. Isher's is the best cake shop in Melbourne with endless options for you. Have a look

Dark Chocolate Cupcake IE 501

Let's go for a walk on the dark side today! (* Evil Laugh* )Chocolate cupcakes are fabulous and everything, but have you tried DARK chocolate cupcakes? Trust us; they are to die for. Isher's Dark chocolate cupcakes are garnished with the creamiest, silkiest butter frosting ever to grace your tastebuds. Small brownie cubes that add a delightful crunch on top and chocolate syrup drizzled over it. The mouth-watering base is an intensely flavored moist dark chocolate. For weddings, birthdays and parties, this is how you should make dessert. Take notes, people!

IE 202 Starbucks Coffee Cup Cake

Know any Starbucks lovers? Looking for a cake that's not too big but adds a little fun to the party? Then this is the perfect gift for birthday. Available in 4 mouth-watering flavors and designed to look like a frosted miniature Starbucks coffee cup. It ticks all the right boxes without zapping out the fun; they won't be able to resist this. The cake is one of its kind, and top the best eggless cakes in Melbourne list.

Mocha Cupcake IE 502

Coffee? YUM. Mocha frosting? YUM. Together? SOOOOOOOOO YUMMMMMMMMM.

Shoutout to all the coffee lovers out there. We made this one especially for you. This cupcake will make you forget your favorite bakery. So delicious and moist that it is too epic to pass, you won't ever regret tasting it. The aroma and the flavor combined is such a good combination and so otherworldly that garnish isn't even necessary. * Stomach grumbling*

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Cupcake IE 504

Look at this beauty! Fluffy, moist and buttery red velvet cupcakes complimented with a tangy cream cheese frosting over the top! Unworldly is the word we use to describe it. Isher's vegan red velvet cupcakes are very buttery, full of vanilla and a hint of chocolate goodness. And the tang from the cream cheese is the perfect choice for the sweet red velvet crumb underneath. These red velvet cupcakes are the bee's knees. Everybody will clean the plates faster than you can blink. Are you in love with red velvet flavor? You can check our range of red velvet cakes.

Galaxy Cupcake IE 512

The galaxy might be a dark place, but galaxy cupcakes are a delight to look. A delicious treat for your little space explorers birthday party. Yummy vanilla cupcakes with beautiful swirls of pink and purple buttercream frosting. The stars sprinkled on top add an edge that is perfect for a Guardians of the galaxy or star trek marathon at home with friends.

Red Rose Cupcake IE 503

What's better to confess your love than Roses on Valentine's Day? Well, we have Rosette cupcakes that are even better. Rosette cupcakes are gorgeous as it is, but with a rose gold frosting it looks sumptuous* dreamy sigh *. The best vegan cakes in Melbourne are available only at Isher. Our Red Rose Cupcake is topped with a perfect glittery rose gold swirl of vanilla buttercream ideal for your Bachelorette, Mother's Day, Anniversary or to make you feel like a billion bucks.

Frozen Cupcake IE 515

With Frozen 2 just around the corner, a little touch of Anna and Elsa at your kid's party is bound to make it magical for the kids. A classic vanilla flavor with blue buttercream frosting and fondant snowflake on top is a delight to look at. These melt in mouth cupcakes are gorgeous and perfect for any winter themed party or even a wedding reception. ( chorus- Let it goooo!!)

With so many tasty flavors and decorative toppings, cupcakes are no doubt a great addition to any celebration. The best things about mini cupcakes are that you have the freedom to choose your favorite flavors

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