For every parent, their child is the most precious. And, parents leave no stone unturned to make their birthday special. Daughters, no matter how old she is, she will always remain the little princess for her parents. So, on this birthday, surprise your little girl with princess- themed cakes. Get the best cakes in Melbourne and get ready to see the smiling face of her !!

It is common for girls to grow up reading a lot of fairy tales and even imagining themselves as a princess. That is why a princess vegan chocolate cake would do all the magic to make her feel loved. You can also get better than this and offer her a Royal Princess birthday party.

Girls since childhood love fairytale and princess stories. Thus, cakes relevant to such themes fantasize them. So, for those looking for a cake shop in Melbourne, Isher is a great place to visit. Moreover, Isher Eggless Bakers have a considerable variety of eggless and vegan cakes. And if you are searching for a princess cake, then there are some that you should not miss out.

Here are some of the top princess cakes that you can find at Isher:

1.Princess Photo Cake

Have a princess photo cake for your girls birthday to give her the princess feel. With this cake, she would be able to see the princess as her reflection. It would not only make her feel special but also loved. And the party would be a great hit for which your daughter would be thankful to you forever. You can contact Isher and select the Disney princess that you want on the cake or have the same cake delivered to you.

2.Barbie Princess Cake

If you are looking for a “cake shop near me,” check out this princess cake at Isher. It is in the form of a Barbie doll. With this princess doll cake at your kid’s birthday, you would be able to make the party special for her. Moreover, your daughter’s friends too would love the cake, making her day much more special.

3.Disney Princess Cake

Why choose a princess cake that has just one Disney princess on it, when you can have all on it? This Disney princess cake is created by adding all the main Disney princesses on it. Make your daughter’s fairy tale dream come true with this princess vegan chocolate cake. You can also personalize the cake by choosing the flavor when ordering for it on Isher.

4.Princess Cake With Sugar Orchids

Another cake that you cannot miss if you are looking for a princess cake is this one. It is said that a cake is what makes a celebration complete. And to make any party perfect, the cake needs to be perfect. This cake would make your baby girl feel loved and special. So, if you are looking for princess and best cakes in Melbourne this is the perfect one for you.

5.Disney Princess Cake with Golden Tiara

Golden tiara Cake is covered with pink icing; the cake is a double layered vegan cake. Not only would your girl love the cake, but the crowd would appreciate the efforts you put in to make the day special.

So, before you go looking for the best cakes in Melbourne, consider this one from Isher. You can also choose the inside cake flavor and shares some tweaks that you would like the cake to have. And Isher would ensure that the cake is as personalized as you want.

Get The Best Birthday Cakes in Melbourne!

As the online network of shopping and gifting has grown, ordering vegan cakes from a bakery near me has become more comfortable than before. Princess cakes have become a new category. Isher has multiple different kinds of vegan cakes, out of which you can order for a princess cake as well.

But what if your girl doesn't want a princess cake at all? Well, in that case, you can take the help of Isher and get another personalized cake ready for your girl. You can choose from the vast collection of cake ideas on the website or share your idea with Isher to have it prepared. Check out here to know more about our vegan bakery in Melbourne!

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