We all know that a cake is mandatory to complete the celebration in all special events. But which type of cake? That is always a real dilemma. To name a few red velvets, chocolate, bananas, vanilla, here is an endless list of cake flavors that you can choose for your celebrations. The cake is undoubtedly the comfort food we all crave. These wonderful flavors and cakes in the world can make anyone feel good. And there's nothing more wholesome than sharing heaping slices of delicious cake with your loved ones.

Theme parties, although fun, requires a lot of planning. Beforehand. If you are deciding on having a themed party, you might want to include a themed cake for the same. Themed cakes can are available in different styles and cake designs. But most people can't find the best bakery Melbourne that can cater to their needs. As the cake will be the centerpiece, it can make or break your party. The cake theme should match with the options of your party decoration and basic theme.

Theme cakes are really fun to look at and even more fun to smash. Whether you decide to have a science-themed party for your kids or a cricket-themed one for your husband, we've got you covered. Here's a compiled collection of the best-themed cakes that will make your party a roaring success.

IE 193 Science Theme Cake Fondant

The first one in our list is the kid's favorite science-themed cake. Nothing's cooler for kids than a scientist. This cake is a Periodic Table of deliciousness mixed with molecule structures to give it a funky edge. And look at the colors they are so fun. All these elements are made of fondant, and it's available in 4 different flavors like chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and vanilla with white chocolate truffle. These flavors will be a hit with the kids. The science theme party along with the best birthday cake in Melbourne will help you have an awesome mad science birthday party. Just keep those lab coats and safety goggles.

Hypothesis: Best birthday cake and party ever. Let's begin the experiment now.

Cricket Theme Cake IE 272

Well, this cake needs no introduction. One word: Cricket! All the cricket enthusiasts will go gaga over it. Kids, adults, senior citizens, dogs(lol) everyone will love it. If you are planning a birthday party for a cricket lover, you have to get a cake filled with the spirit of cricket. The bat, stumps, bowl, wickets, and even the little umpire cap are made with fondant. We assure you, you won't find this cake at any other cake shop in Melbourne. This cake is available in 2 different sizes and five different flavors. Order your cake here.

Movie Themed Birthday Cake IE 290

Drum rolls! Roll out the red carpet with this Movie Themed Birthday Cake fit for the biggest superstar of your party! Isher made the best vegan cake in Melbourne and captured Hollywood's glitz and glam of the red carpet in this cake. This three-tiered flawless masterpiece is like a scene from a red carpet event or a party's premiere, made with edible fondant. The surface of the cake is covered in red fondant in the front to achieve the red carpet look to give it a glamorous feel. Finally, the clapboard and movie reels are added with the use of piped icing to complete the look. With four finger-licking flavors, this cake is the best choice to spice up your movie themed party.

IE 201 Jungle Theme cake

Planning a kids birthday party? How about a Jungle themed birthday cake? It's a fun and creative theme cake. And, If your kid love pets and other animals, then this Jungle theme cake is one of the best cakes in Melbourne. The little zebra and elephant look so cute. Also, the animal pattern with the green grass at the bottom of both tires looks amazing. But the real gem is the giraffe on top. It's so cute that we don't even want to eat it, but at the same time, we do. Oh! The dilemma.

Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Theme Cake IE 279

Shoutout to all the Potterheads out there. Get ready to dive and enter into the magical realm of witches and wizards with these enchantingly awesome Harry Potter cake. We have a cake that will bring out wizard hidden inside you. This harry potter themed cake specially crafted at Hogwarts for your magical themed party! The Goblet of fire image cake will impress and turn heads of even the littlest Potterheads.

P.S. It's a spell that can open the entrance to the secret passage to Hogwarts. Shh!

We are pretty sure that you enjoyed looking at these themed cakes. Themed parties are always fun if you get everything right. But they can easily turn into a nightmare if you choose to go for any "cake shop near me" kind of shop for your cake order. The cake is, and it has to be perfect. Try Isher's Cake instead of taking this risk. Give us a chance to make them memorable for you. You won't regret it, we promise!

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