People who like flowers, love to spend their free time in the garden. They feel ecstatic when they see new flowers are coming out of buds. They generally use flowers for their home decor as well. But how about having your favorite flower's cake? Surprised? Well, edible flowers made with fondant are the best for garden lovers to get on their special occasion. That would not just make them glad but also make their special day complete. Baking a flower cake is an act of love of the baker for its customers. It requires proper time and a lot of patience. However, Isher Bakery is your favorite cake shop in Melbourne, which always remains ready to serve you the best. We offer a variety of flower cakes for all garden lovers

Dahlia Flower Cake IE 249:

Fondant dahlia flowers look lovely in almost every color. Decorating cupcakes and cakes with them look like the flowers are blooming. You can get your customized dahlia flower cake in various colors such as white, yellow, pink, red, and purple depending on its variety. As we know dahlia flower season begins in early spring but you can enjoy watching as well as eating these flowers as the vegan cake in Melbourne any time throughout the year.

The national flower of Mexico, Dahlias today has become one of the most popular in demand cakes. They are most commonly used for decorative purposes on tarts and pastries along with cakes. The vibrant colors of flowers on a cake naturally reduce your stress and anxiety. If you gift this cake to your beloved one, there might be chances that the person could show his or her positive emotions. Then lucky you!

IE 67 Fresh Cream Flowers Cake:

Whenever I feel like having a rich cream flower cake, I order it from the best bakery Melbourne. Sometimes it is good to pamper yourself with some tasty sweet delights. Isher bakery presents the whole new exotic range of flavors from the oven of love. The guests at the party would not be able to stop beaming if you get this cake there. I have seen kids playing with cakes and smearing cake on their friends at parties many times. It is a fun part of the celebration and become one of the fondest childhood memories. More than the actual cake children are fond of the icing; thus isher puts every effort to make the icing delightful which do not let children even think of smearing it on others but to gulp it the right way.

Dahlia Flower Cake Blue IE 250:

Dahlia flower cake blue puts a butterfly effect on you and spreads joy throughout your day with its yummiest taste. The attractive look of the cake would not let you go without tasting it. Whether you are looking to brighten up someone's day or want to make a good impression on the host of the party, this cake is the best way to go. If you buy an expensive gift for your dearest, the person might not like that gift; however, this tempting cake would not give any chance to the person to make weird faces while receiving it. Without a beautiful cake, any celebration is dull. The main reason why people like this cake is its blue colored flowers, designs, smoothness and of course the rich taste. This cake is perfect for any event like a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby born, Mother's Day, valentine day. So, make your event memorable by ordering Dahlia flower Cake, one of the best cakes in Melbourne.

IE 101 flower basket Cake:

This beautiful cake from Isher looks precisely like a real basket with some flowers in it. Some classic designs can never go out of style, and this cake is one of them. The flower basket cake is a great way to show someone that you care about his or her classic taste. This cake is hit with the little ones as well. So, next time if you plan a party for your little munchkin, Isher bakery is there to make your surprise a magnificent one. If you are looking for the best cake shop near me, it is the shop you need to visit for your little prince or princess birthday cake. The flower basket cake is a perfect gift; it helps to express feelings to your love. It can be used for any occasion and puts an emotional impact on your family or friends.

Explore the different tastes of flower cakes by ordering them from and enjoy the best vegan and eggless cakes in Melbourne in the comfort of your home. The best part of the bakery is its creativity and taste of all the cakes. So, forget about all the worries of getting the best cake and enjoy biting on a variety of flavors by the topmost bakery near you.

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