Cake designing has achieved an all new level with time. From cream to chocolate to drip cake decoration has achieved excellence in terms of taste, looks, and art. Cake baking today is about reflecting the occasion and theme. It is not just shape or the color, but every aspect of cakes have changed with custom cakes. As the best bakery Melbourne, we bake some of the best theme cakes. And with the advent of fondant; every shape and design is possible. While talking about using fondant in cake design, we can open a whole new combination of storytelling and taste full dessert. The combination of Modern art and creativity has given the opportunity to develop some of the most stunning cakes ever.

So to give you a look at how the designers are taking cake design to the next level we have collected some of the best cakes in Melbourne

All about the Blooms

Fresh flowers Drowning down on the cake is in fashion nowadays. The idea is to design a cake that compliments the flower options. The combination of sweet cream cakes with dedicated flower grace is something to adore. The flowers tend to reflect on the neutral colored icing elegantly and stylishly. This super popular method of exclusive cake design features the flowers on the basic colored icing, where buttercream is garnished to compliment the cake design. This cake can be set with the fondant or chocolate numbers made in brightest to most subtle colors that match the flower. This unique cake delight is something that will make you fall in love with this cake; so much so that the next time you look for a bakery near me, Isher as the first thing to remember.

Number Shape Cakes

There was a time when celebrating ones age on a cake was only restricted to a cream base or jam content. However, with modern cake baking tools, we can bake number shape cakes. Today one can bake any number shape by stacking multiple cake bases together and make a beautiful cake design. The cake top can be layered with the best icing option available. One can load the number with pure cream or dress it up with our and ombre rosette cake design. Our number 3 rainbow rosette cake is one of the best birthday cake in Melbourne. It has everything a birthday cake should have, from bright, colorful rainbow to fresh cream rosette flowers to the cascade of ombre effect. The cake top has additional clouds and butterflies made with fondant.

Frills and Piping flowers

Piping flowers are one of the oldest ways of cake decoration. With moving from contemporary flowers, we have come to the era when we designers tend to capture most delicate flowers nature has to offer. Starting from rose vine to whole bouquets to color combination, it makes the cake come alive. With a delicate and textured look, many people are now moving to new designs with frills as well. The frill is a different light fondant layer dressed on the side of the cake, giving it a look of discs on sides. One can always use a cake topper with a number made with fondant. Apart from this, we have the ombre effect on the already existing flowers. Ombre effect with little glitter can be summed up to spice up the look. The vegan version of this beautiful cake can stand out as one of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne to celebrate all occasions.

Custom Designs

As cake makers, we always keep trying to find new ways to make a cake that meets your expectation. With custom designing, we have a whole new world of options to design the cake of your dreams. From animated characters to your favorite scenes we can create whatever you like. Making a number theme cakes on top of a castle or with the princess atop we have all the options.! All you have to do is to search for the best cake shop near me or visit our online store at

To make your every celebration most memorable, we keep testing and upgrading our recipe to meet the best standards. As one of the best cake shops in Melbourne, we bake different eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. With our range of over ten flavors, you can always drop us a call or visit our store online to make your celebrations even better.

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