Harry Potter is one of the most famous magical stories in the world. J. K Rowling came up with this amazing story. And gave the kids across the world a story of a lifetime. The story is so charismatic that even the prequels of the Movie version of the book still come to the theaters as hits. Harry Potter has many die-hard fans who are always enthusiast to be a part of a Harry Potter theme party with all the decoration, dresses, theme fondant birthday cakes and food. As one of the best cake shop Melbourne, we have served so many Harry Potter fans for their theme parties.

Harry Potter themed parties are flamboyant and fancy to the core. With a bit of mystery and lots of magic, this is the best theme to celebrate your kid's birthday party. From The Sorting Hat to Quidich trophy and Harry Potter`s birthmark to Voldemort's Dark mark of death eaters, every single aspect of this fascinating story can be carved into a theme party. Thus, from our inventory and some cool toy shops nearby we have collected some of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne for theme parties.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

Hogwarts themed Invitations

Let the fun begin even before the party starts. Send out the invites for your theme party in the Hogwarts`s styled letters. All you need is a thick sheet of paper and a tea bag. Soak the tea bag with water and give it a run on your papers and let them dry. Now you have old looking parchment of paper, all you need to do is fetch a quilt or a felt and sit down for good writing. You can also try printing if your paper is not curled due to the effects of coloring. You can even seal the letter with the Hogwarts style seal and get ready for the Harry Potter extravaganza. Kid's birthday cakes can also have lettering done in the same style.

Magical Decorations

The next thing in the line is decorating your venue. Unfortunately, you may not find any specific decorator for this. So it is all a DIY list. To start with, you can have the Platform 9 ¾ entrance. You can design the curtain or get one printed on flex for your main party hall entrance. Then you can get some ceiling candles, table candles, skull lamps, broom stand, and stack, owls, quidditch set and many more things. To cut the chase there can be hundreds of ways to give your décor a Hogwarts theme, even the enchanted ceiling is an option! You can also have an edible image cake to add more colors to your party.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Once your base theme is set, you can set the center table with the all enlightened Goblet of fire. You can just upgrade your garden flower pot to accommodate some lighting, and you have your own goblet of fire. You can even use a fogging machine in the center to give it the look of burning fire and smoke. Coming to cake, for Goblet of Fire Theme Party, Goblet of Fire Theme Cake is perfect.

Harry Potter Photo Booth

The Wizarding Photo Booth or the Prisoner of Azkaban photo cut out can be a great gimmick to stick to. The Photo frame can be made by simple cardboards and some sketches. You can make some Props with Prisoner number for the Prisoner of Azkaban booth and some Wands for Wizard booth cut out. Let people enjoy the photo both as soon as they enter, so they feel like the part of the whole thing. We, at Isher Bakers, has some of the cool ideas for eggless birthday cakes.

Themed Cupcakes

You can always get some cupcakes made for the occasion. You can start with schoolhouse themes. The sorting hat, unicorn, flying keys or even centaur on top can be the perfect combination. Another simple topper for your cupcakes can be Harry`s birthmark or an owl stamp. You can also go online and order the theme cupcakes online by searching for the best cake shop near me.

The grand spread

Food is the most crucial aspect of wizards. So if you are the host then you have to take care of the great spread of Harry Potter themed snacks. But you won’t find them at the bakery near you until you know the baker very well. So the task is all up to you. Not to worry, you can start with the cupcakes as above and add some sandwiches with Hogwarts scarf colors. You can make some of the most loved drinks like Pumpkin juice or Butterbeer; not to say it's all orange juice and Dark Fruit Soda. The simplest way can be by serving pasta, chips, cookies, fruits, and vegetables and Harry Potter Cake Melbourne. All you need to do is label them as Slytherin Chips, Butterbear crisps and Herbology Platter.

The Harry Potter Theme Cake

A party is incomplete without a birthday cake. All you need to do is go online and look of theme cake near me and Voilà you have it! You may even ask the baker to make a unique theme cake for you, but it would take special care and attention. You can have the Sorting Hat and the magic wand with a broomstick as the most beloved combination of accessories of all witches and wizards. Designing the quidditch playground or a cake in the form of snitch can be great cake ideas. To keep it simple you can even select an edible image cake design and send us an image you want on the top. You may even share some pics or your imagination; it is all possible if you have time and budget for it.

A Harry Potter theme party is one of the most enjoyable parties for all and not just kids. All the decorations, dresses and fancy food can bring the joy of childhood back to you. At Isher`s we aim at serving you this delight. With our range of vegan eggless cakes and other delectable flavors, we are just a click away. So come online and order from the best bakery in Melbourne and make your Harry Potter theme party a memorable one.

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