Who doesn’t love a cake every now and then? A cake is not just a way to indulge in something sweet, but also the opportunity to create a sense of well being. A cake is a symbol of joy and celebration and cherished as a token of love, belongingness and social occasions. Everyday cakes can be a perfect way to end your meal or be a dessert for small friendly gatherings. As best eggless bakery in Melbourne, our cakes are fluffy and light enough for tea time and altogether rich enough to serve as a dessert. So get ready and scroll through, to celebrate every day like it's your special day with our range of Everyday cakes.

Classic Rose Flower Cake :

What all is required for a romantic cake – Pretty – Pink- Flowers? Well, this beautiful vegan cake in Melbourne is all set to make your loved one feel special. This moist and fluffy vanilla cake with the pink buttercream rose rings has a soulful flavor. The little silver sugar pearls make it delightful to look at. The elegant, stylish and beautiful cake has buttercream roses adorning the top of this heartwarming cake. As our all other cakes the cake is light with moist sponges smothered in generous frosting.

Everyday Chocolate Cakes :

Our eggless chocolate cakes are the best birthday cakes in Melbourne and not like a torte or a mousse or pudding, but our chocolate cakes give the real taste of chocolate. Naturally, cocoa powder is the soul of any chocolate cake, and our years of experimentation have given us a sense of keeping it perfect. The delicious chocolate filling in sponge makes it an excellent dessert with a dash of fresh buttercream. Chocolate topping with the mouth-watering sponge uses the highest quality cocoa is pure heaven for chocolate lovers.

Floral buttercream cakes :

Buttercream flowers, cute decals, and animal-themed goodies will always remain a part of the classic buttercream cakes. The moist, light-flavored dessert with Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavors with handmade vanilla flowers and floral vine dressings is something to fall for. Our rich cream cakes are the best eggless cakes in Melbourne and will make your day special and memorable. These wonderful cakes are a perfect way to celebrate with your close friends and family.

Everyday Fresh Fruit Cakes :

Our selection of sponge and buttercream topped with fresh seasonal fruits is a great choice for everyday cakes. This Isher’s classic flavor of this cake combines a truly magnificent, light and refreshing fruity flavor. Pineapples, Kiwis, Strawberries, and cherries not just give this cake a refreshing taste but also is a true delight for the eyes. Every bite of this perfect blend of flavors and textures is creamy and indulging. To top it off, a personalized message on the icing gives it a complete sense of belongingness and warmth. Find this amazing dessert at Isher - the best cake shop in Melbourne.

So in case you are planning ahead or falling short of time, you just need to search for the best cake shop near me. Isher eggless baker’s little delightful cakes are available within 2 hours of ordering, so order before you leave from home or office, and pick it on your way. And that's not it, you can always have these Eggless cakes marked and dedicated to highlighting your special occasion.

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