Cakes instantly bring a huge grin on the face. Without cake celebration is incomplete. Until the cake, aka showstopper, arrives and marks its presence, the party feels bland, Right? Therefore, everyone wishes to have the best cake in Melbourne on their table !! And when it comes to the celebration of your kid’s birthday, nothing shouts delight ad fun more than a cake.

While contemplating birthday cake ideas for kids, it’s all too easy for small imaginations to run wild. There is a surfeit of themes that you can shortlist such as their favorite characters that can be depicted in icing; or the endless list of colors or the different edible elements that you can choose. However, no matter what age or gender, Disney has never let us down. From a four-foot tall Mickey Mouse concoction that looks like it stepped out of the TV to a Minnie Mouse pink themed cake for your birthday girl.

Getting a distinct cake that meets your kid’s expectations can have you up until 5 in the morning. And googling the best cake shop in Melbourne is not that reliable, and it can also be a bit tiring. But to save you from all the hassles, here are Ishers’ 5 Creative Birthday Cakes.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Fondant

If your little princess is a great Minnie fan, this birthday cake design is going to make her go gaga over the cake. This fondant cake has a lot of Minnie elements, from the bow to the color and the polka dots, all these things compliment each other and will let your girl feel inspired by the theme. And although this one is a two-tier birthday cake, it could be customized according to the size of the party or personal preference. However, the size of a cake is directly proportional to your kid’s happiness. The bigger, the better! Are we right or are we right?

Mickie & Minnie Rosette Cake

Do you have twins, a girl, and a boy? Or are you searching for a perfect birthday cake shop near you for two profoundly different kiddos? Getting a cake that they both like might be troublesome and getting two different cakes might not be such a good plan either. But with our Mickie & Minnie Rosette Cake birthday parties become double the fun. The swirls of ruffled blue and pink rosettes provide a delightful contrast. Mikey and Minnie centerpieces on the top act as the fun element and play a major role in stealing the show. This cake is a definite winner for a super cute twins party! But it can stand alone for a boy or girl party too. Just opt for color according to your preference and voila!

Mickey Mouse Cake

Kids love the sweet marshmallow flavor, and it also makes an excellent frosting for decorating purposes as its sticky surface holds those decorations in place perfectly. This Isher’s Mickey mouse cake is the perfect choice for all the fondant haters. The cake can also be filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream to make Mickey. It is the best choice if you are looking for an eggless cake in Melbourne without compromising the taste. You can choose the flavor that you want and include vanilla, chocolate, buttercream or strawberry for the cake base. Your kid is going to be immensely happy if you add surprise fun elements like candies or gummies in the center. They will help notch up the wow factor and make all the kids go oh and ah at the party.

Minnie Mouse Edible Image Cake

Tired of searching the “ best bakery near me” and getting the same boring handmade cake designs? If you are looking for perfection in every aspect of your kids’ party, there’s a way to have a flawless birthday. Try image cakes. Who doesn’t love a perfect Minnie face? At Isher you’ll find the best vegan cakes in Melbourne with personalized images. This Minnie mouse edible image cake is the best option that will leave all the kids oohing and ahhing at first glance.

Mickey Minnie Disney Theme Cake

Disney family theme cakes include a lot of characters, and that is why they add an extra dose of joy to the occasion. Here is Isher’s Mickey Minnie Disney Theme Cake with Mickey Minnie and Donald. You can personalize to make it multiple tiered for a large sized party. This cake is similar to the edible Minnie image cake above. However, it can be customized by using either fondant or buttercream or choosing from any flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch that will delight every palate. We are known for delivering the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

Now that you’re armed with this piece of knowledge, we know you are ready for the next step, i.e. selecting what your kid wants.

It's your child's special day, and we know you would like to celebrate it in style. We assure you that these great birthday cakes can help make your kid’s special day even more exceptional and unforgettable. We would like to sign off by wishing your little one a happy birthday and hope that your party is an extraordinary success! Search for a bakery near me, and we will deliver happiness at your doorsteps.

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