Wedding cakes are getting bigger and bolder with time. A wedding cake is one of the traditions that have survived the modern world change, where people prefer letting go of traditions in thrill for something new. Even today, there is hardly a wedding that does not have an extravagant wedding cake in the reception. As one of the best bakery Melbourne, we have also kept the tradition of wedding cakes alive in the eggless style. With all the hustles of the wedding planning and the guests, one might find that getting the perfect wedding cake can be a challenge.

Moreover, even if one might get over this giant hustle of selecting one perfect eggless cake, then it might cost you a fortune. So to help you get control of wedding cake budget.

we have collected a few tips that you can look after while ordering the perfect wedding cake:

Do complete research

Make a list of the cake designs you are looking for along with the list of vendors. If you allow your wedding planner to choose the cake vendor, then make sure you cross check the credibility. As one of the best cake shop Melbourne, we recommend that you must keep a list of a few cakes. This will give your cake maker option to think through and offer the best price and solution for this.

Book your cake design and vendor on time

Once you have finalized the cake and bakery, make sure you reserve it as soon as possible. You can even book the cake maker when the dates are completed, but it gives you less chance to rethink the options. So to make sure that your cake does not turn out to be a burden analyze the cake bakers and cake design as quickly as possible. The bakeries that bake best cakes in Melbourne are generally booked at least 3-6 months in advance.

Personalize your cake

Picking a regular cake is always good for the pocket, but it is better to select one or two unique features that match your taste. For example, you can play with your favorite flavor, color options and some decorative details like cake tops, etc. can be added. With a wedding cake that already has plenty of color and cake tops options, you can always get something removed and some new thing added in its stead. A wedding cake is an excellent opportunity to put a bit of your personality into it.

Be open about your ideas and options

Offer all kinds of opportunities for them. You can ask them for any flavor, color, cake top from a cream dove to a dancing teddy. You can always ask your baker to how to keep the cake within budget; he may suggest you avoid imported flowers on the cake designs and use other options. As one of the best choice and an eggless cake shop near me, Isher`s team is always available to hear your ideas and if it will help in any way.

Make you’re your cake the centerpiece

A wedding cake that has been baked with so much love and care should not be left on the side. Thus make sure that your cake is the center of your wedding reception. Just getting a high-value cake is not enough you should also get the best out of your beautiful delight. Thus as one of the best eggless and vegan bakery, we advise you to make sure that you get some great pictures of your cake with you as a couple. Getting a complimentary cake stand with a backdrop are the most effective ways of designing your venue.

Do not try to please everyone

Got a sister who loves red velvet design or a friend who want pics on the cake? We advise you to listen to what you want and do not bend on what everyone asks. It is not because you don`t love them but only because you cannot make the whole world happy. Search bakery near me to choose your favorite bakery and order a cake you like the most.

Give your cake the reception it deserves

We understand that a wedding day goes like a whirlwind and you might have a lot of customs and ritual to follow but do not forget to celebrate your cake as one of the traditions. Thus have a proper cake cutting scheduled at your wedding and have a slice of the fantastic wedding cake, so that you remember the wedding cake taste and pictures. Our customers always adorn Wedding Cakes by Isher Eggless Bakers.

Remember that style and taste came together

As one of the most loved cake shop Melbourne, we find people sharing their stories about how they wanted a vegan cake and that they had to lose their favorite flavor. We assure you that with experience and grand wedding receptions through Isher`s vegan cakes, your vegan cakes do not limit your options of the characters you love. So you can go ahead and select any options from eggless cakes to vegan cakes to complete red velvet, your choice of cake taste and flavor will go hand in hand.

Last but not least- Do not DIY

You may love baking, and you might even be one of the best baker's you know. However, trust us when we say that your wedding will have a lot of important things that need your presence of mind along with the wedding cake. So leave the baking to others and focus on your reception and wedding as a whole.

At Isher`s we bake the most delightful wedding eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. We have gained our skill through love and continuous experimentation to cook the best cakes experience for you. At Isher`s you will find the best birthday cake in Melbourne along with a wide range of vegan and eggless options. So next time you are looking for an eggless or vegan cake at a bakery near me, directly come online at and get your cake delivered at your home.

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