Children love bakery delights. When it comes to cake, they want variation in cakes and cake decoration as well. Children often get bored of the same old plain cake. Therefore, Isher, your best bakery Melbourne brings a wide range of amazingly decorated cakes for kids such as number cakes, racing track cake, Doraemon cake, cricket theme cake, painting theme cake, jungle edible image cake, etc. When cakes are well decorated, you will not find even a bit of cake in your kid's lunch box. If you make your child's favorite cake at home but do not know how to decorate it? No worries, here are some of the ideas you can use to decorate a cake for your school going kids.

Cake Decorating Ideas Using Theme Figures:

Who doesn't love theme based cake decoration? Well, you can add some figurines, small toys or any fun candles on the School Cakes. Firstly, do frosting your cake and then choose whatever theme your kids like. By using some figurines, you can create a scene that not just look amazing but also save you time. It would turn out a fun treat for your kids. You can use Pokémon figurines, little dinosaurs, puppies, cars, and many more on your child's favorite cake.

Cover your Cake with Sprinkles:

Sprinkles are kid's all-time favorite. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate the best birthday cakes in Melbourne and a big time saver cake decor. This brilliant idea barely takes 10 minutes to accomplish. You can make your kids happy with such little effort. Bake a cake and frost it. Then spread sprinkles all over the cake. If your cake has any imperfections, then no worries, those colorful sprinkles hide them in the frosting.

Using Glitters and Gels:

If your kid likes colorful things, then, glitters and gels are just perfect for you. The edible glitter, gels, and sparkle come in a lot of different colors. You can buy any color you want. Blue sparkle gel works best for making a Doraemon cake, pink for Barbie themed cake, red and black for superman themed cake, etc.

Curl Out chocolate over the cake:

As we know that chocolate is readily available everywhere. Therefore you can decorate a cake with chocolate flakes or curls. When no idea comes to your mind, chocolate is your real thing. Though the question is, how you can create chocolate curls? Well, for curls, you can use any vegetable peeler and start peeling off large strips of chocolate. For flakes, you can grate chocolate and add on top of the cake. So make your Corporate Cakes, everyday cakes or any special occasion cake beautiful with such a simple trick.

Cake Decorating Kits:

Decorate your cakes for a theme party if you want a particular design or theme. The cake decorating kits come with figures in one set. Some kits have edible images that go with the figurines. These are perfect kits for making character cakes such as a Dora theme, Doraemon theme, Minnie or Mickey Mouse cake, a car themed cake, etc.

Let the fruits stay on top:

Another cake decorating idea is to add some fresh fruits. After frosting the cake place your fruits over the cake. Whether your kid likes raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, cherry, etc. you can choose any fruit as per your child's choice. This way, your cake would taste delicious and also a healthy option for kids. Most eggless cakes in Melbourne have a fruit topping. Isn't it beautiful to see the cake's shell border has berries on the top?

Blow the Theme Candles:

There are amazing theme candles available nowadays. You can find any theme candle that your kid likes and centered on your Red Velvet Cakes, chocolate cakes, rosette cakes, etc. How about superheroes theme candles or bowling theme candles? You can use a Batman candle and centered it on a chocolate cake. An animal candle on a green frosted cake looks perfect. Star candles for a space-themed cake. Car candles on a frosted racing track cake. You can go on and on with these candles.

Paste Edible Cake Images :

Edible cake images are great for designing. If you don't know how to use the edible image on a cake, you can read the directions on the back of images and apply. Frost your cake entirely and then peel off the backing. And, lay on top of the frosted cake. You must have seen many vegan cakes in Melbourne with these edible images, but now you can also have one at home in such easy steps.

Few tips:

Open the image out of the foil pouch.

If it is hard to peel from the backing, you can freeze your images for 30 minutes.

Use clean, dry hands to tap the image on smoothly.

Cake decoration is as important as a cake. We want a perfect cake with beautiful decoration. Therefore, most people search for a cake shop near me so that they can get the best cake and the best cake decoration. Isher, your perfect bakery shop offers you a wide range of cakes which have beautiful decoration with flowers, chocolates, fruits, candles, edible images, your kid's favorite cartoon character, etc. Just log in to and get the best service at your door. Isher Bakery promises you great quality and great taste.

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