A cake is the soul of every party and celebration. From Birthdays to wedding to achievements all ceremonies become special with a sweet taste. So when we talk about replacing the forever loved sweet sugar with vegan substitutes, it becomes quite tricky. At Isher eggless bakery we have a habit of finding the healthiest and closest replacements for the regular baking methods. As one of the best cake shop in Melbourne, we understand that finding the right substitutes can be difficult.

So today we have compiled a list of mass-produced sugar substitutes. Along with this, we will tell how to use these in baking.

Brown Sugar

The raw sugar or also known as unprocessed cane sugar is the perfect replacement for white sugar. It gets its name from the combination of crystalline sucrose and varied presence of molasses. It is due to molasses that the sugar has its brown color and the distinct rich flavor. It makes the bake more tasteful as a natural flavor while maintaining the consistency of sugar. The only issue one faces it`s very moist nature. It attracts much humidity and also makes the cakes a bit dense as compared to regular sugar. However, due to minimum processing and being closest to the original form it is one of the favorite choices of every vegan bakery.


Dates have been used as sugar for centuries and also know as powerhouse sugar. It is not just having a great sweet taste but also has high fiber content which makes it a great source of consistency in bakes. As one of the best bakery in Melbourne, we bake most varied flavored combinations. As the caramel flavor in date sugar is hard to replace it becomes a bit difficult to use it for mild flavors like Vanilla. Though one-for-one swipe is difficult, it can be mildly altered in natural ways to replace sugar as it is. So the date sugar is available in different forms to be used as a replacement of brown sugar and even white sugar in many cases. The date sugar that is made with dry ground dates give consistency similar to brown sugar.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is another natural way of replacing white sugar. The only thing to consider while using maple syrup is the quantity. The general rule of the thumb is by replacing 1 cup of white or brown sugar with ¬ĺ of syrup. While we do this, we have to reduce the liquid contents of the baking mixture. To make the best¬†vegan cakes in Melbourne,¬†we ensure that each ingredient we use to replace the standard baking goods is done with special care. While using maple syrup, there is one more thing to consider, and it is the acidic nature of the maple. So to make up for it, you might have to increase the baking agent to get the same fluffy and light cake base. The other option to use maple syrup is to use it in Granular form. The catch while using granular maple syrup is to add extra water in the batter. Excess liquids ensure that maple granules get dissolved in the dough.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is one of the best tropical substitutes of sugar. It is similar to palm sugar and carries as many carbs and calories as regular sugar. It has slight brown color but does not contain the coconut flavors as expected, and thus it is an excellent replacement for white sugar. As this sugar is dry, you can add some fat and fruit to keep the quality of the base moist yet fluffy. To sum up, coconut sugar is not going to help in losing weight, but it is a better choice than white sugar. If you can find the right source of coconut sugar, you will see it as the most natural source of replacing regular sugar for Vegan cakes.


It is one of the most used sugar replacement for sugar-free baking. As it does not have any animal dependence, it can also be used as a vegan sweetener. As a natural calorie-free sweetener, it works as good as regular sugar. When you replace white sugar with stevia, replace 1 cup of white sugar with ¬Ĺ a spoon of stevia concentrate powder. As a liquid, you can substitute 1 cup of sugar with one teaspoon of liquid stevia. So, all in all, to bake the best sugar-free¬†birthday cakes in Melbourne¬†use the stevia in fewer proportions. Too much of it can change its taste from sweet to bitter.

Natural Fruits

As a vegan bakery, we believe that a vegan cake should also be as healthy as any other cake thus adding a natural fruit in place of sugar is a great idea. Difficult as it may sound you can use the right combination of apples, pears, and bananas to make your cake base sweet. Moreover, as they have a high content of minerals and natural fiber you end up making the most healthy vegan cake.

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