Decorating a cake is an art. It is started in the 17th century in Europe. The beautiful shapes of cake were embellished with new patterns and flowers. Not just the icing on the cake but also the food coloring was used for frosting as well as layers of cake. Many people think that decorating the cakes can increase the prices of cakes; hence many bakers try various ways of decoration so that they can offer you multipleĀ best cakes in Melbourne.

Decorated cakes leave a unique mark to your memorable celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers or any other special occasions. A rotating tray can be a perfect way to present your cake.

These days merely baking is not enough. Cake decor is as important as making one. Swallowing a plastic flower on a cake by mistake is not the thing that parents want for their kids. Therefore, there are different edible decorations that the bestĀ cake shop in MelbourneĀ does. Baking is a continual journey that needs to be updated from time to time to be in tough competition in the market. One has to bring something new and exciting to stay in the game. The process of baking and decorating makes me extremely ecstatic and satisfied as well.

Donning your apron in pursuit of baking requires precision and attention. Baking and decorating your favorite cake in a rush may let you set the oven to the wrong temperature, and you might end up with a blunder. I am sure you do not want that to happen. When I tasted my first ever cake, I used to think there is only one way to decor a cake and that is with a creamy, fat layer of cream over the cake. Well, I was wrong, these days we have a delicious variety of cake toppings and various flavors as well. Whether you wantĀ birthday cakes in MelbourneĀ in the form of gum paste cake or fondant cake, It is necessary to know which one is better a gum paste cake or a fondant cake. Undoubtedly, both of them are super important for decorating cakes. Therefore, let us know the difference between gum paste and fondant.

Gum Paste:

It is made with sweet edible sugar dough usually made from sucrose and glucose. It is also known as sugar gum. Generally, it is used to cover cakes, mold features and create decorations forĀ vegan cakes in Melbourne.Ā You can store it for up to a year. Items like bows, flowers, characters would do the best with gum paste. It gives flower petals more realistic look. Many people wonder if they can eat gum paste or not. So, here's the right answer, yes you can eat gum paste. You might feel something like a royal icing flower while eating but less crumbly and edible of course.

Gum paste is available in a powdered mix as well; you can add water and mix in a stand mixer. If you wish to make your own then you can, or else you can buy ready-made Gum Paste.


It is pliable and dough-like. It is made with gelatin, food-grade glycerin, and sugar. When you drape it over a cake, it creates a polished look. Fondant is soft, and you can easily roll it out. It maintains a proper shape pretty well and tastes great. You can place it over a crumb coat of buttercream, or as per your choice. One can quickly notice that smoothness around the cake. Its soft consistency makes it easy to cut through. If you want to keep your cake hardening free, then need not to worry as your frosting base layer, and the moisture from your cake does it well for you.

Well, with fondant you can cut out shapes and do the light modeling. There are some things you need to care about while dealing with fondant and those are:

  1. a) Do not make it dry rock hard
  2. b) It is less stable than gum paste.
  3. c) Make such modeling details that do not require a lot of stability.
  4. d) Bows you make from fondant are usually flopped and not even in the right way. It is not at all ideal for modeling 3D figures

I hope the difference between gum paste and fondant is clear now. However, always choose the better option for your creativity. As you spend your time and efforts into the art of baking, it is essential to know the facts related to the things used in it. There are a lot of people who prefer to bake their cakes, and there are other people as well who prefer to buy their favorite cakes from the shops and thus search theĀ best bakery MelbourneĀ on google.

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