Party season is around the corner with Christmas and New Year next month. We come across plenty of parties in the season, so how about planning a party for your young one's birthday and a celebration for the little mates next month. However, do you feel concerned when gearing up to prep your party? especially when it comes to Children birthday parties? Scary as it sometimes sounds, we have a few tips lined up for you that would help you in making you Kid`s birthday celebration party a hit.

Let's take a look at some of these tips to take your pain away:

1 – Plan well ahead of time:

You do know when your kids birthday is, so start at least four weeks ahead. Create the guest list and select the venue. With festivals approaching you may find it difficult to find a place of your choice. So you have to plan at least one month in advance for the site. The invitations must go out minimum two weeks in advance or as soon as the venue is fixed. Early invites would give your guests at least a weekend to sit and talk. Booking becomes even more critical in December as Christmas and New Year parties keeping your guests busy. If you give them more time, you might have more time to plan seating and celebrations based on RSVP rather than last minute preparations. Furthermore, if you are planning a themed party then you need to contact the best cake shops in Melbourne and take a timely appointment for Birthday Cake.

2 Rope in friends & family

If you have decided to hire catering and decoration service, then most of the job is already done. All you have to do is choose is the best birthday cake in Melbourne and be ready. However, if you plan to do it at home or want to do some stuff on your own, then the best way would be getting an extra hand. It can be a friend who can get some decorations done. It can be someone in your in-laws who are good at cooking and would love to help you out and give a personal touch to the whole celebration. It is the birthday`s and especially the ones around the festivals that you would find friends and family will be more than willing to chip in.

3 - Choose the Time thoughtfully:

If you are arranging it all yourself, then try to organize the party post lunch as it helps you avoid a cranky morning. You will have plenty of time after breakfast to arrange for any last minute preparations. Your guests or kids parents start to show up to drop even before the exact time. Thus if it’s in the early noon, even then you would not have enough time to catch up on preparations. Also, if you find yourself catering to more kids than you had planned, you would have plenty of time to make a run and stock up from the shopping store. So a post-launch party gives you some breathing space.

Moreover, if you are not one of those empty house people, then you can have some of your guests overstay for dinner and a bit of wine. You can also go online and look for the cake shop near me to get some fresh baked goodies post noon. It also lets you steal some time for your enjoyment and comfort too in the company of similar parents, friends, and family.

4 – Choose your Menu for Kids

If you are planning a party that is between meals, then you can stick to light snacks. Firstly you will have a cake that you can serve your guests. You can start the party with light bites like Chips, crackers, churros, small tarts, cookies, rice cakes or pastries. You can make your crackers a bit personalized with some veggies. Though you can’t be too experimental with kids if you are meeting them for the first time. You can always disguise your garlic bread as pizza with loads of veggies to make it healthy for all the kids. After the cake cutting, you can start with fries and one or more heavy snack. Keep plenty of cucumbers, carrots, and berries on the table as well for kids love them as a snack or a side food. You can have some burgers, eggless cupcakes, patties, sandwiches, or rolls. It would be best if you prepared a fruit drink as well for post cake cutting snacks. While making the meals for kids, you must ensure and avoid all kind of nuts or even try the best Vegan cakes in Melbourne. Apart from this, discuss with parents what special dietary requirements you might have to look after while their precious flowers are your guests.

5 – Choosing the Best birthday cake

Alas, no birthday party starts without a birthday cake. You have hundreds of choices to select your birthday cake. If you have set your birthday party on a theme then get yourself a cake based on a theme. It may be your kid's favorite cartoon character or a toy she loves. You can ask your cake decorator to customize a cake for you, or you can pick and share a design form the internet. Alternatively, you can go online and select the best bakery in Melbourne to do your job. You must ensure that your cake has minimum unknown ingredients like the type of nuts, eggs, and other experimental dairies. It is mainly because of the common food allergies in kids which are most acute when young.

Kid’s birthday parties are a big challenge but are also the most satisfying ones. The smiles on the face of kids are the biggest compliments a host can get. If you have plenty of time, you can always get add-ons like party props, face painting artist, a couple of games, jumping balloons, etc. to make your party more lovable. We at Isher Eggless bakers can help you choose some of the best snacking options for kids along with the Best Birthday Cakes in Melbourne. So you can visit or order online @

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