Swapping out of normal foods to vegan versions is overwhelming at first, but here we have Good news for all those new vegan lovers. We are here to offer a thick range of what's next on your sweet menu if it's vegan. It is only through trial and error that we have gone through and come across a range of products that are available. Our cakes are a blessing for your taste buds with your new kind version and responsibility for the society.

So we went looking for the best dairy-free cake baking methods and thus the baking began. And we discovered through extensive research that light, soft and soulful cakes can be made leaving the egg and animal products out. So since then, we have been trying to close the gap between a vegan and normal cake and been a success for long. So let’s take a look at some of our most successful vegan delicacies.

Vegan Choco Dip

Our vegan customers love this chocolate delight and it makes them feel special on their birthdays with the coolest and most delicious vegan cakes. Our egg-less, dairy-free and gorgeous cakes taste even better than they look, so much so that even your non-vegans friends love it. The light chocolate sponge layered with buttercream and smooth chocolate fresh cream coating can melt anyone's heart.

Vegan Vanilla Delight

This beautiful eggless and dairy free vegan chocolate sponge cake is frosted with vegan vanilla frosting, and with a good and happy sprinkling of vegan-friendly sprinkles! The light and fresh vanilla sponge is filled with vanilla buttercream icing. This classic cake will make you forget the difference between the vegan and non- vegan cake and will set your taste buds titillating.

Vegan choco punch

This vegan chocolate alternative is also made only with plant-based and vegan-friendly ingredients. This deliciously indulgent chocolate layer cake compromises nothing but exquisite taste. This is a perfect birthday cake for anyone who is vegan or avoiding dairy and eggs. The chocolate punch in this cake is soulful and full of taste.

Vegan Strawberry delight

Our moist vanilla sponge layered with strawberry icing and preserves topped and coated with fresh strawberry icing. This cake is SO pink and painfully pretty as a princess that deserves to be the center of attention whatever the occasion. Our strawberry vanilla cake flavors are one of the most sought after vegan delights.

Vegan Ombre cake

Our eye-catching and soulful Ombre Cake is decorated with vanilla frosting and vegan cream rosette in a flavor of your choice. The rich creamy flavor with light but the moist sponge is a treat for your taste buds. Ombre pink vanilla eggless meringue buttercream with vanilla sponge layers is decorated with ombre glazed baked vegan cream is too good to be true. With gorgeous graduated shades of buttercream blending into each other as the canvas for delicious toppings our Ombre cakes a delight for the eyes and taste buds.

At Isher`s we have served myriads of Vegan clients and been a part of their happiness and joy. As one of the best Vegan cake bakery in Melbourne, we are always looking for ways to explore and develop a wider range of vegan delicacies for our patrons. So simply order online or walk-in to be amazed by our range of vegan delicacies that compliment your cruelty-free lifestyle.

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