Meeting Disney princesses have been and still is a dream come true for many kids. Girls follow Disney Princesses and want everything related to them. Therefore, Disney merchandise like shoes, bags, clips, pillows, and all other goodies are popular. So, without a second guess, a Disney princess themed birthday cake will be the best gift for your little Disney fan princess.

If your kid's birthday is in Winters, then our Frozen inspired theme cake will work like a charm. Elsa and Anna are two princesses that rule the winters and make the cold look warm and cozy. But to make a Frozen themed cake, you'll need to contact the best bakery in Melbourne.

For girls parties, they generally prefer a Disney princess themed cake, and the boys usually opt for scary monsters or cars or lightning McQueen. But everyone loves Frozen because of Elsa's cool powers.

There can be a lot of criteria that you might want the bakers to follow,e.g., Vegan or eggless, no cream or cheesecake, different flavours, etc. But if you are in Melbourne, you don't need to search anymore. You'll get the best cakes in Melbourne at Ishers. From edible image cakes to fondant, we have a wide range of types and techniques that we use to make dream cakes for your special occasions. Surf our website; we are always here to help. We have curated a list of our best seller cakes that you can have a look at.

Without further ado, let's dive into the frozen world *Shivering*.

  1. IE 89 Disney Frozen photo cake

Frozen is such a hit movie with a huge fan following. Our best seller is our edible image cake with all the main movie characters like Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and Elsa. Also, we swear by the size of this cake. It's huge and perfect for kids that want a hefty slice.

This is one of the best frozen themed vegan cakes in Melbourne available in five mouth-watering flavours that kids will love. It is one tiered cake, and you can personalize the size according to the party count. Apart from the perfect image in the center, it has a blue and pink rosette on the edges with pearls to give a magical feel.

  1. IE 40 Disney Frozen photo cake

Next up is also a frozen themed edible image cake. Kids don't like fondant that much. So instead of ordering a cake with all the fondant decoration that you'll remove after cutting it go for edible image cakes. This cake has the image of Princess Elsa, and Anna printed perfectly using edible vegan vibrant colours.

The image is in the center of the rectangular cake, and white buttercream pattern is piped on the sides. After leaving a bit of padding, blue and white roses are used to decorate the border. It's available in 4 different sizes and five flavours like vanilla- pineapple, vanilla mango, vanilla strawberry, black forest, and chocolate. The buttercream coating all around is eggless yet super light and completely delicious. The photo cake is one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

  1. IE 190 Disney Frozen Cake

Another Frozen cake which is not only for girls. It is for boys too. Yes, boys love frozen too. This cake is more like an icy fantasy land made of buttercream and fondant characters as cake toppers.

The characters are Elsa and Anna; there's Kristoff with his reindeer Sven and the cutie Olaf. It's circular with waves of white, dusty blue and dark blue colours that give it a mystical look. The edges are rough instead of being smooth, and this matches the winter theme perfectly.

It's available in 5 different flavours, but you can get it customized and personalized according to your preference. It's the cake you want to take home if you are looking for eggless cakes in Melbourne.

Disney Princess Edible Image Cake VC 173

The last one is also an image cake, well our image cakes are the best that you'll find in Melbourne. This Disney Princess Edible Image Cake has just Elsa on it with her iconic hair braid made with buttercream that gives it a 3D effect. It is decorated with pink and white buttercream instead of blue or white.

So if your princess is gaga over pink and Elsa, then this cake is PERFECT. It's a two-tiered cake with light pink swirls all over the tiers and dark pink rosettes on edges with pearls in the center. It's like pink Christmas blew all over it.

This is available in five different flavours and two different sizes with lower-tier being a minimum 14," but we can go more significant if you have invited everyone to celebrate.

If your little one's birthday is around the corner, you must be all set in other departments. And you are looking for a cake shop near me? Then, let us handle the cake. Apart from all these cakes, we have a long list of options that you can have a look at. From delicious and super pretty cupcakes to really decadent cakes, we've got it all. All you have to do is select the cake and place your order. We'll take care of the rest.

We are known as the best cake shop in Melbourne. We work hard for it; every order is made with delicate precision and hygienic methods to deliver the best cakes possible for your special occasions. Let us become a part of your special day, order from Ishers, and you won't have a complaint, pinky swear.

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