Melbourne is in love with the Disney themed cakes the same as the rest of the world. Regardless of the store, you are in, mention ‘Disney’ and their range of fairy characters won’t be too far away from offerings. If you are searching for the query, cake shop near me to get the Disney themed cakes, you will get numerous cake ideas. Disney characters like the Princess and toons are available in all sorts of merchandise; including clothes, playsets, bags and also now you can buy Disney theme cake as a showstopper for any party! Disney has set up its story so well, with all its characters, costumes, and lessons. The depth of its stories is constantly expanding and being loved by generation after generation. So to cater to your little one's dream, we have listed down a few Disney-themed edible photo cakes:

Minnie Mouse Edible Image Cake

The oldest and the most renowned character of Disney female entourage is the Minnie Mouse. The character has been around a similar time since the Mickey Mouse, almost 90 years ago. She is loved by everyone as still as the most enjoyable characters by toddlers. This fresh cream cake is the best birthday cake in Melbourne with Minnie mouse image on top will give little one's butterflies. Like all our preparations this cake contains the highest-quality organic ingredients with our signature ganache. The edible Image top delivers us a chance to add a distinct image of Minnie mouse as per choice. This Minnie Mouse edible cake is also cut into the shape of Minnie Mouse and the quantity is enough serves private parties

Disney Princess Birthday Cakes

We are delighted to deliver you our beloved Princess Birthday cakes for children of all ages. The best part, you can order to make it vegan. All that deliciousness will be dairy-free, we promise — the best vegan cakes in Melbourne for sure. If your little one is a fan of Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Barida and all the Disney princesses then this cake is perfect for your party. The Number themed cake offers a range of image tops where you can add all the characters your kid loves. This party cake top has our flavored ganache and finished with white Image tops on the buttercream layer. The top is layered with a set of small images as well as fresh buttercream flowers that would make the little one's heart melt. You can also drop in a line to us for all the characters you want in the beautiful image tops.

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

This animated TV series captures the traits of animals with humans in a collection of stories toddlers can relate to. The world of Peppa the Pig revolves around daily activities of young ones. From going to the playground, cycle rides, visiting grandparents the world of Peppa Pig could even be real! And in case your little one enjoys a favorite episode you would like to portray then just send us an image and we will take care of it. If you are looking for bakeries in Melbourne that can make the best Peppa theme cake, your search ends here.

Elsa Frozen Cake

Who doesn’t fancy Elsa from Frozen? Elsa as one of the leads in Disney's Frozen is one of the latest Disney characters that has made ripples in the heart of the little ones. Though it is not the first “princess” movie to make it to the top but has set a benchmark as the number-one animated film of all time. Elsa`s character is one of the most beloved princesses character today in toddlers and preschoolers. This delightful fresh cream cake is a combination of Image cake and a little fondant. We promise you that this will be the best eggless cake in Melbourne that you'll ever taste. This single and multi-tier cake has our very light and moist sponge finished with flowers on Image top and a beautiful braid.

Custom Image cake

Unlike other bakeries, we furnish you the chance to choose a cake top of your choice. You can select the cake shape and design and send us the image of your choice. The cake base can be square, round or multi-tier depending on your gathering, our team will take care of the image top and add the color and texture as per your image. These cakes are mostly liked as birthday cakes for boys and girls.

Being the best eggless cake shop in Melbourne Isher Bakers knows that Disney and other cartoon characters have always been the best attraction for kids. They love to have them around. Therefore, we have come up with these amazing range of the above birthday cakes.

So feel free to order online from Isher Eggless Bakers for an amazing Disney experience.

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