Fairies and Unicorns are the first things that come to our mind when we think about something magical and gorgeous !! From children to grown-up girls, everyone fantasizes Unicorns and beautiful fairies around some magical land. Isn’t it? Yes, they do!

Unicorns always catch everyone’s attention. The beautiful, white, one -horn horse is so graceful that no one can ignore it. The meaning of Unicorn traced back to Middle English and came from the Latin word unicornis - “uni” means single and “cornis” means horn. , Unicorn means an animal with one horn.

Fantasy novels, children's books, and other mythical stories throughout the ages have the references of the Unicorn. It is associated with a vibrant imagination and a sense of wonder. Unicorn cakes are so loved that these days they are trending.

Have a unicorn cake idea? Tell Isher Bakery, we offer the best cakes in Melbourne.

Do you know?

Unicorn is a tireless creature, but it falls to the ground when approached by a person with a pure heart. Unicorn is the symbol of magic, miracles, and enchantment. It can bestow magic, miracles, and wisdom to someone with a pure of heart and virtuous in deeds.

So, what else cake idea be better than a Unicorn Cake? Here is the list of all gorgeous Unicorn Cakes & Cupcakes by Isher Bakers :

1.VC 199 Unicorn Cake

We want to serve the best to our vegan customers. Our Unicorn Cake is available in both vegan as well as eggless version. The vegan version is baked in light eggless vanilla sponge layers sandwiched and frosted in a pastel rainbow vegan buttercream. It is also decorated with delicious, delicate piped frosting floral swirl and sugar petals.

You will surely agree and consider it as one of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne.

2.Unicorn Cupcake IE 507

It is a perfect vanilla cupcake decorated with golden unicorn horn and ears. Also, colorful and delicate floral swirls add wow look to the cupcake !!

If you are searching for a cake shop near me, to get the best Unicorn Cake? Then, Isher Eggless Bakers are the right choice. We have a wide range of cakes that will never disappoint you. This cupcake is an excellent choice for a baby shower or a first birthday party.

3.IE 281 Colorful Unicorn Cake

Our colorful Unicorn Cake is the best to eat !! To bake this cake, we layer vanilla cake with a sweet buttercream frosting. After frosting, we decorate the cake with fondant and stars. For the golden horn, we paint a waffle cone with a frosting of your choice.

Delicious layers of vanilla sponge in pastel rainbow stripes, piped swirls, unicorn horn and a liberal sprinkling of colorful stars, make this cake feast for the eyes.

If someone needs rainbows and unicorns in their life, then this is one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

Our cakes will leave every vegan and non-vegan break out in a smile ear-to-ear. At Isher’s, we also try to create trendy cakes. And yes, we indeed bake the best vegan and eggless cakes in Melbourne.

So, now don’t waste time and visit the best bakery in Melbourne and, order your favorite cake now !!

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