Christmas is already here…! And with the 3rd week closing in, the decorations are already up, shopping lists are ready and so are the party night dresses. With all the fun, fuss and parties of Christmas, the nostalgia of the traditions stays with us all the time. The memories of childhood held close to heart keep coming back, making Christmas a time to be with ones you love. Even Isher Eggless Bakers, like everyone else, are excited about Christmas and are ready with some of the best cakes in Melbourne. However, Christmas is a lot more than just party, so we have lined up some exciting treats you can gift your loved ones:

  1. Cakes

Our lovely Christmas celebrations begin with our popular eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. The Christmas cake has delicious layers of cream. With chocolate topping and rich Ganache, this cake is perfect for celebrations. You can even plan to welcome your guests with a snowman cake that will for sure make your guests fall in love with the party theme. This purely luxurious two tier cake is topped with handmade sugar trees and candles.

  1. Designer Accessories

If your dear ones are in for the latest update in fashion, then you should try some of the specialty stores in Melbourne. You can try NGV-design-store to get some of the unique ornaments for your Christmas party. One can even go around a few galleries in Melbourne. You can choose one of the modern art galleries to get some unique gifts for your loved ones.You can also gift your loved one Fresh Cream Cake With MAC Decoration.

  1. Cupcakes and Cookies

Who doesn’t like the sweet crumbling taste of the baked goodies? Cupcakes and cookies can be one of the best sweet, delightful gifts for your loved ones. All you need to do is to find a cake shop near me and ask them to customize some cupcakes and cookies for you. You can ask for the Christmas specials or get some of the delightful goodies baked for you. You can get a cupcake batch of Santa hat frosting or green Christmas tree frosting. You can even get some Santa shaped or Christmas tree shaped cookies baked for the season’s greetings.

  1. A Tour Away from the City

Yes, this one can be a unique gift for the family that spends less time together. You can book a lodge to give them some time to get out of the busy life. The tour doesn’t have to be very long it can be a one night stay with even a pre-booked dining option. This beautiful gift could help you stand out from the rest material gifts. The gift of allowing your loved ones to enjoy their vacations together could be the most memorable one. You can also surprise them with Red Heart Cake.

  1. Book for the Reading Lovers

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . And, The man who never reads lives only one”- George R.R. Martin

So why not give your loved ones the delight of reading some of his favorite writer’s latest work. Furthermore, today novels are more than just fantastic imaginary stories. The new trend of biographies and memorabilia are a great inspiration for all young and old. As a Christmas gift, you can even get them book subscription from a library or an online store. You can also gift Harry Potter Theme Cakes inspired by the Harry Potter story.

  1. Pack of Selections

If you want to fill your loved ones life with more than the regular stuff, then go ahead for a package of selections. Though making a pack may be a bit time to consume as you have to select the complete choices yourself. For the ones who love cooking, you can get a combination of spices and other ingredients. Similar to this for the professional men in the circle you can select a pair of Tie, cufflinks and Tie Pins. For the young ladies, you can round up a MAC kit or a set of Natural bath salt and oil. Or you can look for the best bakery Melbourne and pick up their favorite cake. Else customize the cake to make their Christmas more special.

  1. Woolen Accessories

With snow coming back, winter accessories are back in trend. You can find plenty of woolen accessories for both men and women. You can start with gloves, snood, beret, and scarfs. For men, you can have plain colors while for women you can go ahead with bright colors. Woolens are not only for the look but also represent the warmth of relationship and thus are perfect for Christmas.

With all the excitement we are ready to celebrate Christmas with lights, snow, and the presents. With Carols, classic films, and family movies shared and treasured during the festive season, Christmas is the time when all other things ought to stop for some time. The time spent with family in front of a cozy fire, blankets wrapped with a hot chocolate drink, we get a chance to sit back and thank and cherish all the good things in life. At Isher's, being the best cake shop Melbourne are determined at providing the best experience for your festival preparation. With our range of best vegan cakes in Melbourne, we are gearing up for the festivities and ready to make your celebrations memorable.

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