Pure chocolate is a blessing, but it is always wonderful to try a different variety of chocolate combinations. There are numbers of flavors that we relish apart from just plain chocolate. Crafting a great blend with these means some of the best chocolate cake mixtures you might love to try. We as the best bakeries in Melbourne, are always ready to take a call on what combination of traditional and the modern blends you might love. We have it all from Vanilla to strawberry; mango to pineapple and coffee to caramel. We have honed the skill to blend some of the best flavors you would love to have on your special occasions.

Blending chocolate needs some experience and knowledge of the chocolate tastes. One must understand how a process affects the flavor of the chocolate. The effects produced by the variety of cocoa beans and the temperature are all unique. Even the fat content in the cream, the type of sugar, the thickness of ganache play their role. The bean or the powder used for chocolate flavor when processed with the different process gives a different taste to the cake. For great combinations, you must understand how a particular flavor of chocolate is derived. The rich roast to caramel aroma it is all derived from the same cocoa bean by using slow and designed process. As the beans ferment and roast, the flavors develop and result in a rather delicious roasty and caramel aromas we want. Isher Bakery is your favorite cake shop in Melbourne, which always remains ready to serve you the best. We offer a variety of chocolate cakes for all chocolate cake lovers. Different type of outcome is achieved from various combinations. Let's take a look at some of the blends:

Caramel and Chocolate Combinations

Chocolate works great with sweeter chocolate add-ins, like honey and caramel. For adding them in the combination, we give the preference to a dark chocolate base. The dreamy, silky texture of caramel with chocolate is nothing short of ecstasy. Chocolate and Caramel are one of the best combinations for kids birthday cakes. Milk chocolate and caramel taste great together. Still, the caramel combination is perfected only by dark chocolate. The purpose is to produce an optimal balance of sweet and bitter, without being overwhelmingly sugared out. The salted caramel cake has a delicious texture dimension in our cake sponge or topping. This classic chocolate cake flavor combination is the most loved and is considered as the best cake in Melbourne for any special celebrations.

Chocolate and Fruit

We all might have considered the chocolate covered strawberries and treasure them for the rich fruity blessing with chocolate. But have you found the chocolate dipped pears and mangoes? Well, they are next in line to fall for. The secret is about knowing how and which fruit pairs best with which type of chocolate - and in this case opposites attract! As a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the bitter the taste, so for dark chocolate it must be complemented with something sweet.

For this reason, we combine dark chocolates with strawberries, pears, and mangos. On the other hand, white chocolate blend with fruits that have a higher acidity or milder flavor. The fruits such as tart berries, mild melons, and passion fruit are perfect as white chocolate is already rich and sweet. Regardless of the combination, there is no dispute that one of the very best chocolate cake flavor combinations is fruity. Well, if you are in Melbourne and looking for the best chocolate mix fruit cake you can just search for the best cake shop near me and walk straight into Ishers.

Spice and Herbs with Chocolate

You can take your chocolate experience to the next level with an exquisite blend of herbs and spice. The old civilizations have blended the chocolate with the red chili pepper, as certain spices can improve the chocolate experience. The chili chocolate is universally available, and it gives a great boost to our taste buds. One may play with lavender, cardamom, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Mint and even green tea. These combinations are well-loved by people and make the cakes exquisite. Most of these spices are blend in the ganache while heating. But they also blend in the cake sponge mix. At Isher’s, we use the best ingredients required to make the best eggless cakes in Melbourne. If you want something more on the mild side, try finishing off the cream on cake top and give your taste buds more than just sweet flavor.

Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Combinations

The most obvious pairing of chocolate goes with coffee. It can consist of a blend of both smooth and bold flavors that go well together when paired right. Opposite to fruits, darker chocolates blend well with darker and bolder roasts like Italian coffee. On the other side, milk chocolate does best with a medium roast. You can blend coffee into all parts of your chocolate cake. The sponge to buttercream and frosting to decorations can have a pinch of coffee. In fact, a little coffee in all the above further intensifies the chocolate flavors.

There are fewer things that make our heart swell as much as chocolate treats. With the range from caramel to coffee, laden with fruits and herbs, it seems practically impossible to select a favorite. In trying out the novel combinations ensure hosting chocolate with a well-paired item. At Isher`s we bake the best birthday vegan cakes in Melbourne and ensure that we take care of your love of chocolate. We test and blend and then test again our widely loved chocolate combinations to present you the best. To try one of our chocolate delight combinations visit us at

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