Indeed! cake makes every occasion more special! You think of any celebration, the first thing that pops into your mind would be some delectable mouth-watering appealing cake. Well, if you are in Melbourne you can just search for the best cake shop near me and walk straight into Ishers.

Any occasion brings tons of merriness in our lives and our families too. Nothing can surpass the cheerfulness of our loved ones and if you get something to proliferate your happiness then why not do it. Cakes will positively give you that contentment of making your events more special and exquisite. It tastes good after singing Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary, etc. in the chorus. I am sure it will taste incredible if it is actually flavorsome, its design makes your eyes happy and its taste cheers up your tummy and eventually makes you delighted. There is a famous saying about cakes and here is how it goes, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Cakes with no eggs sound something unrealistic or nonviable to us but no, eggless cakes can make you stunned to pieces if you will have a piece of it. We always have some presumptions about the eggless cake in Melbourne that how a cake can be light and fluffy but we have so many ingredients to replace the egg with mashed bananas, applesauce, vinegar with baking soda, depending on the recipe. You won’t believe if you are digging your teeth in a moist cake with a spongy texture and tender crumb is actually an eggless cake.

Here are a few eggless cakes that can amaze your taste buds:

  1. Fresh Cream Frill Cake with Chocolate Relishing:

This egg-free chocolate cake covered with fresh ridges of buttercream will enrich your celebrations and make everyone’s eyeshine out with amaze. Its rich flavor comes with the fresh cream what is being used for the mist like the texture and when this rich flavor fuses with the chocolate ganache, it can give a real treat to your mouth and to your celebration. You can get this birthday cake in Melbourne to make your celebrations pompous. Isher's Frill Cake is all about white base covered with light pink buttercream. The cake is good to go if you are planning your little girl's birthday.

  1. Eggless Black Forest Cake:

The name sounds as if it has an entire forest (ingredient-wise) in its recipe but the fact is you can have this cake without eggs which will be the last thing to be considered as a part of the forest in the world. The element which replicates an egg is vinegar. It is just made with the usual cake ingredients and vinegar is used to create the cloud-like moist texture. Isher's Blackforest Cake is one of the best selling cakes in Melbourne. Chocolate and Vanilla base with the shredding of chocolate chip and special cherries atop is a delight. A perfect cake for all chocolate and black forest cake lovers.

  1. Fondant Cake with Vanilla and White Chocolate Truffle Fill:

Our next cake is a bit sophisticated and quite frankly one of the best cakes in Melbourne. This Vegan Cake is a flavor-filled with a thick ridge of white chocolate truffle that will make you knock off your feet. Glycerin is the main element of this cake which is used to make the base tender and moist for longer. You can have this fondant cake in any design you want, be it “Ben and Holly little kingdom”, “Teddy’s train cake”,” Looney tunes cake”, “Minnie mouse fondant cake”. You name it and you will get one the way you dreamt of.

  1. Egg-free Vanilla Cake with Mix Fruits:

Fruit Cakes are always preferred by everyone. The light and sweet treat are perfect for gatherings as well as celebrations. Cake with your favorite flavor base atop with all juicy and desired fruits is so yum to eat. Apple cider vinegar and yogurt are the key elements which make this cake what it is. Being one of the best bakeries in Melbourne we use high-quality ingredients to give you excellent taste.

Extravagant toppings with different fruits kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, and cherry make the taste and look even more impactful and spectacular. The fusion of these fruits’ flavor with the light fluffy extra spongy egg-free vanilla cake is enough to make your day wonderful.

  1. Cherry Blossom Cake:

Cherry blossom cake is another special tempting cake that you can’t resist yourself from taking a bite. Though the biggest lie people tell themselves that they are just going to have one bite of the cake! This vegan cake in Melbourne comes in different flavors: vanilla strawberry, black forest, vanilla pineapple, vanilla mango, and chocolate. The name itself brings the essence of blossom and florets when you hear it, isn’t it exciting when we can really eat this cherry blossom cake in different flavors.

  1. Edible Image Mickie-Minnie Theme Cake

Every kid has some favorite cartoon character. But, Disney cartoons are everyone's favorite. From watching them on television to searching them on every merchandise kids wear- they have always won our hearts. So, gift you, toddler, a cake of cartoon character he/she adores.

The cake is an edible image cake decorated with whipped buttercream and filled with your favorite flavor. You can also customize the image atop. At, Isher's we have number of edible image cake designs. Choose your design and send us image you want atop. We will bake the cake you always dreamed about.

At Isher's we bake a cake to bring a smile on our customers face. Also, we aim to satisfy your sweet cravings by offering best delights. So, what are you waiting for now? Visit one of the best cake shops in Melbourne and get your cake.

Enjoy Life, Eat Cake. Happy Cake Eating!!!

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