The wonderful Spongebob cartoon series is one of the most amazing characters loved by kids in Australia. So much so, that it is still on TV since its first appearance almost 19 years ago in 1999. Even today in its new episodes it is one of the most popular cartoons. There are only a few kid`s entertainment franchises that have lived as long as Sponge Bob. Like Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Looney Tunes, and Sesame Street. It is one spectacular kid’s adventure that is likely to outlive us all. And for us cake lover`s underneath the Sponge Bob’s yellow skin, you can have layers of your favorite cake flavor. At Isher`s we bake some of the best cakes in Melbourne and will make sure that your Sponge Bob celebrations are fantastic. Our cake of the month is the Edible image SpongeBob Cake.

SpongeBob has many loved characters like Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Gary and Mr. Krabs who all can be a part of a great theme party. So to make your kids amaze with flavor and SpongeBob fun, we have got together a bunch of sponge bob theme cakes:

SpongeBob Fondant cake

This Spongebob look alike cake is terrific for your kids first birthday celebration. This great looking cake is set up on the legs the cake. The legs act as a base stand on which the baked sponges are stacked one over the other to give the cake the shape of the body of the SpongeBob. The bakes sponge layers have plenty of creamed ganache between every layer. Once the cake stacking is complete, the cake is covered with the icing and then yellow fondant. After completing the icing, we get on to it with paint and brush. For a better design, you can have separate color icing for the pants and top. We started with edible yellow fondant and painted the shirt and pants separately. The final cake turned out to be one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne designed by us.

Pineapple Shape cake

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Of course Sponge Bob Square pants. This amazing yellow-orange cake is the home of the fun-loving and easy go merry cartoon character. The cake has a base in an oval shape and flat bottom. The sponge is then layered with our eggless ganache. The top of the cake has yellow fresh cream icing. The small door and window on the icing have little sugar fondant work on them. If you are looking for a bigger gathering, then you can also get them in the cake base cut out as one of the leaves. The icing on the cake has small cherries topped over it.

Edible Image Vegan Cake

We are known for the best vegan cakes in Melbourne, and this fantastic vegan cake is set on the basic design of our edible image cakes. The cake top is adorned with the people of Bikini Bottom. The cake top has SpongeBob, Patric, Squidward, Sandy, Gary, and Mr. Krabs together. You can get this cake customized or can also select one of our edible image cakes. You can also send us the image you want on your cake. We will design the cake theme and icing to compliment the image you will send us.

Patric fresh cream cake

Patric is the other side of this great cartoon series. The beautiful starfish shaped cake starts by stacking the star-shaped baked sponge one on the other. The cake is then iced with loads and loads of fresh cream. The pink colored cake has our signature flavor. The eyes, face, and pants can have little fondant expertise involved. The message and the name can be written at the base of the cake or a fondant plate. This basic cake is the one you can just find by searching for the cake shop near me online.

Two-Tiered Spongebob Fondant cake

This astonishing blue colored cake has Spongebob and Patric sugar figurine on top. The cake has fondant icing on both layers with the message and name written on the bottom of the cake. The ocean water looking cake is real work of art. The blue icing on the cake is also decorated to give the grace of ocean water with layers and bubbles floating around the cake. The top layer side also has the pineapple home of the Sponge Bob. The frosting has multiple small fishes, squids, plants and ferns on the sides of the fondant layer. The second layer of the cakes has small figurines of Squidward, Mr. Krabs and the Plankton trying to sneak around. This fantastic-looking is perfect for your theme party for the SpongeBob lovers

At Isher Eggless bakers we try to bake the best Eggless and Vegan cakes in Melbourne. We are always experimenting with new flavors and cake decorating ideas. We are also open to your ideas for perfect theme cakes for your celebrations. Based out of Clayton, we are the best solution for your question of where can I buy a vegan cake near me. With our range of range of eggless and vegan cakes, we are ready to offer some of the best tasty treats in town.

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