Bored of the same tea time routine? Want to make it enjoyable? So here is a perfect way to add on an extra charm to your "I time" or "we time." Isher, the best cake shop in Melbourne offers many delicious tea cakes. Here are some listings below:

Go crazy Over the Yummy Banana Cake Loaf:

Bananas or anything made from bananas is most people's favorite. It is great for choosing bananas to make a healthy snack to have with tea. How about banana cake along with your relaxing sip of tea? Banana cake loaf is perfect as a tea snack or dessert after a family dinner. It is a quick bake dish that would not let you wait for a long time. Moreover, it is most of the 'people's favorite vegan cake in Melbourne.

Make your Date more Romantic with Chocolate Rose Vine Cake:

Going on a date? Make an impeccable expression of your feelings for your beloved one with a chocolate rose vine cake. They speak beyond the capacity of words and have the power to convince the person for your love. Such is the magic of delicious eggless cakes in Melbourne. Choosing this cake will make your day perfect and memorable. When you are keen to make an effort to bring happiness on someone's special day making the idle choice is essential.

Get Refreshed with Coffee Cake Loaf:

The appearance of coffee cake loaf insists you have one bite at least. It let you enjoy every sip of tea with some sweet flavor. Tea is the time when you take a break from your work and want to get relaxed. Therefore, you want something that boosts your enthusiasm and let you get back to work with freshness. Isher bakery is the place that you cannot wait to visit, search for a cake shop near me and we are here to deliver you the best in the town.

Munch on the Black Forest for the subtle taste:

If you are not such a chocolate lover but still want it in your favorite cake, then the black forest is the best example for you. It has a balanced taste of white cream and chocolate. Now you can get your favorite cake at your doorstep by login to Isher 'bakery's site. Get the best cakes in Melbourne by sitting at home, or you can also visit us.

Lets Kids dig into a tempting Chocolate Fruit Cake:

Isher bakery brings you a delicious and slightly different fruit cake which is dense, rich in taste and moist. It is one of the best cakes in Melbourne. This cake is perfect to accompany with tea. We all know that kids love chocolates and fruits, so, what could be better than having both of the flavors in one cake. One can feel various fruits taste at every bite. The multiple ingredients make it tastier and tempting.

Decorate your tea time pretty with Chocolate Cake with Fondant Flower:

Sometimes it is just the look that attracted you towards something, right? Chocolate cake with fondant is precisely the same thing that cannot let you stop from eating such baked beauty. Usually, people love having chit chat over tea. Therefore, they look for something to munch over. This cake is the right choice to enjoy your tea time with your family and friends. So, if you want to have such a yummy piece reaches out Isher bakery, the best bakery Melbourne.

So, why 'don't you plan a get together for your near and dear ones? Invite them over your place and have a gala time while munching over such sweet beauties. Isher Bakery is always there to complete your any occasion with 'it's a huge variety of cakes. Log into and order your favorite loaf or cake now.

We also have a wide range of the best selling birthday cakes in Melbourne. Select the one and amaze your dear ones !!

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