Diwali is around the corner and so is the festival preparations in Australia. The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all around Australia. The Indian community celebrates Diwali to honor Lord Rama on his return to Ayodhya. Lord Rama returned after defeating the demon King Ravana. Thus to mark the celebration people decorate their houses to celebrate his victory over evil. Another reason for the celebration of Diwali by the Punjabi Indian community is the Bandi Chhor diwas. On this day Sixth Sikh Guru, Hargobind Rai Ji returned back to Amritsar. People also celebrate Diwali to welcome goddess Laxmi, the goddess of happiness and good fortune.

Diwali celebrations vary in different communities but everyone celebrates it with great enthusiasm with lights. One of the main decoration is by lighting a long row of earthen lamps. The decoration is set outside the house to celebrate and welcome the gods for prosperity. Many cultural and traditional festivals are organized in the major cities with the Indian community population. The festivities include dance and musical performance, fireworks, and other ethnic stalls. A special set of festivities include the food stalls with Indian sweets and street food. Diwali is also celebrated as a cruelty-free festival.

Thus as the Eggless cake shop, we have listed a few special celebration vegan cakes to deem your Diwali special:

1 – Diwali lamp cake:

Diwali also known as Deepavali(Row of Lamps). Deep's or earthen lamps are the main features of Diwali decorations. This beautiful fondant cake celebrates the spirit of Diwali with earthen lamps decoration. The set of three lamps is set upon the rangoli; a famous decorative art. The cake is also adorned with another row of lamps with fresh cream buttons at the bottom. Our Signature Chocolate Truffles is a combination of milk with white and dark chocolate. This fondant cake is available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. This rich chocolate cake layered with velvety smooth dark chocolate ganache is perfect for Diwali celebrations.

2 – Diwali crackers cake:

Kids love crackers and Diwali is incomplete without the traditional firecracker and fireworks. This beautiful fondant cake is the ideal representation of Diwali celebrations. Diwali cracker and fireworks are the main decoration of this traditional cake. The multilayer cake with a light sponge is layered with custom flavored buttercream. The top has sugar fondant replicas with earthen lamps at the bottom. This cake serves large gatherings infused with our delicious flavor combinations.

3 – Bhangra theme cake

Music is the soul of every celebration, and no north Indian celebration can stay away from the beat of Dhol and Bhangra. This grand cake is a Punjabi party theme cake. The cake has the Dhol as the premier attraction with flowers for decoration. The fresh cream cake has only Dhol as fondant. The master craftsmanship is reflected on its layers with golden decorative frills. The moist flavored sponge has our signature ingredients, layered and coated in fresh buttercream icing. This great looking cake is available in Chocolate, vanilla, and black forest flavors.

This unique festival of lights rejuvenates the Indian spirit. It marks the importance and significance of unity and brotherhood. Though our Australian-Indians rue the fact that Diwali is not a public holiday, still it is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm by people of all ethnicities and religion. So this Diwali get together with your friends, family, and neighbors and enjoy this great amalgamation of belief and faith with these gluten free cakes by one of the best cake shops in Melbourne Isher Eggless Bakers. We customize and decorate cakes the way you like to see them. Our cakes are not only feast to tongue but also to eyes.

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