A Birthday represents the beginning of the joy and light; kids bring to life. This is a day we celebrate to thank, celebrate and enjoy the birth of little ones and try to make their birthday as memorable as possible. For grownups, it is the celebration of togetherness of the year past and the hopes of the year to come. The birthday of the kids is even more important. Every parent wants to make it extra special with a beautiful birthday cake, balloons, food, music and dance. Choosing the best birthday cakes for girls is very difficult especially when you have so many options. From 3D designs to colorfully animated toons to myriad of flower variants, selecting the best birthday cake can be a bit tiring. So today we have brought together some of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne to make your daughter`s birthday extra special:

1 - Barbie Princess Cake

Which girl does not remember the beautiful Barbie doll from her childhood? With all the dresses and set of kits to dress up the little doll, Barbie is still the best gift for little girls. So this fresh eggless cake for the best cake shop Melbourne is to make your beautiful daughter`s birthday special. This perfectly decorated buttercream cake with the doll in the center and the cake decoration drawn in the form of the dress make this a cake a show stopper. You can always ask to make the cake special for you with options like frills instead of regular cream to make this cake extra delightful.

  1. Colorful Rainbow Cake

This cake is perfect for the girls who love and fancy colors and a beautiful rainbow. This cake has many colors that reflect the rainbow. The top of the cake has a fondant rainbow that looks like a tiara at the top. The buttercream icing also has a lots of butterflies sand in the center of the cake it has a cloud to write the name of the birthday girl. This showstopper cake is not just great outside, and its rich, creamy flavor will make you look for the same quality of cake when you next time searches for a cake shop near me. This great looking cake is something that will keep your guests gaping and make kids dig right into it when served.

  1. Elsa Birthday Cake:

Elsa from Frozen been the most loved characters from the box of Disney. With little magic and loads of music, Frozen become the most loved animated movies of all times. This beautiful edible image cake is a combination of both a beautiful image and a bit of 3D art. The beautiful braid layered with the image is something that will make kids stop and look at the beautiful cake. As bakers of the most loved vegan cakes in Melbourne, every eggless cake we bake can be made available in vegan option as well.

  1. Disney Princess Theme Cake:

Disney has been the center of a kid’s imagination forever. With over a dozen princesses little girls fancy them more than anything. With every princess having her own story and inspiration, they are perfect for letting the little ones dream and motivate. So on this birthday, gift your little one this beautiful Disney princess theme cake. As one of the best bakery Melbourne, we make sure that your beloved daughter and her friends get the characters they love. All you need to do is to make a call, and we will make sure that the whole troupe is ready to make your daughter`s birthday special.

  1. Unicorn Cake:

Little girls love ponies and Unicorns more so Unicorns have become one of the most beloved animated characters. This beautiful unicorn cake has layers of soft and moist cake base layered with thick creamy ganache. The unicorn horn on the top with the colorful decorations gives this cake a unique look and makes it one of the best cakes in Melbourne.

At Isher Eggless Bakers we bake the best eggless and vegan cakes. With a variety of options to choose from you can visit our website and order online to make your little one's birthday more memorable.

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