Planning a perfect birthday party for a little munchkin can be a bit tricky. The cake is the perfect epitome of power that absolutely can’t be missed at any birthday party. However, no matter what food, decoration, songs or gifts you get, if the birthday cake is not what they like then, oh boy bye bye! The waterworks that are going to start can ruin the mood.

Apart from wanting to play all the time what attracts kids are cartoons. This is the reason why cartoon cakes are without a doubt the first option that pops in mind when we think of birthday cake for kids. Our expert tip is that if you want to avoid any tantrums then decide your theme around cartoons, you’ll never go wrong. To a four-year-old child finding a cake look exactly like their favourite cartoon character is no less than a miracle. But finding bakeries in Melbourne that have cartoon themed vegan and eggless cakes used to be a long shot, but not anymore.

Children love cartoons so much that even adults can’t resist the charm, hence they have become an integral part of our celebrations. Whether it’s your kid’s favourite cartoon character or superhero, Isher can bring their fantasies to life.

We assure you that your little one and friends will go gag over our creations. To give you a sneak peek, we have compiled a list of our all-time favourite cartoon character cakes for school kids. Have a look.

Minions Themed Fondant Cake IE 291

Minions came in like a storm and took over the world in one clean sweep. These yellow fluff balls are everywhere. Halloween costumes, memes, merchandise and what not. They're so cute we could eat them! Well, we thought why not? So no surprise here that we have a giant minion cake that’s always in demand.

If you are planning on throwing a minion themed party, Isher's three-tier minion cake is perfect. It looks magnificent and tastes heavenly. The yellow and blue colour combination is classic minion with “ One in a minion” written at the bottom tier is just adorable.

The fondant minions all over the cake with 3 as cake toppers and a mini cupcake steal the show. It’s available in 4 different mouth-watering flavours that kids are going to love and chug real quickly.

Being the best cake shop in Melbourne, we make sure you get what you expect.

IE 187 Mc Queen Cake

We present you the amazing Radiator Springs star and our beloved Lightning McQueen. Cars movie premiered in 2006 but it still has our hearts. The zip zap zoom brings a rush and thrill to heart without getting out of bed.

Boys and girls alike love cars, so it was obvious we had to make a 3D Mcqueen cake with a car topper that looks exactly like the McQueen we have seen in the movie. This fondant cake is colourful, fun and filled with lots of small elements like the traffic cones, lights, finish line flags, tires etc. It’s available in 2 sizes and 5 flavours like Vanilla strawberry, chocolate, vanilla pineapple, vanilla mango and black forest.

IE 153 Spiderman Cake Fresh Cream

Spiderman is amongst the most loved superheroes of all time. A spiderman themed is probably the safest choice if you are confused about choosing a superhero for the theme. No fondant, no eggs still the best eggless cake in Melbourne.

This 2 tier cake has a round white base covered with swirled piping on the edges. The top tier is a spider web-shaped that is decorated with red and black buttercream to make spiderman on it. Our fresh cream Spiderman cake has spiderman’s face replicated so smoothly and perfectly on it. The smooth buttercream flavour goes really well with any flavour and you have 5 to choose from. Scoot, spidey’s taking over your party!

IE 174 Doraemon Cake

Next up is Doraemon. We couldn’t complete this list without adding our best seller Doraemon cake. Nobita and Doraemon are two characters that became a household name from the moment the show started. Everybody knows about it and even if you don’t like it, you might have watched it with your kids.

If your munchkin is also a Doraemon Fan then this cake will be the best choice. Without using any fondant, Isher’s Doraemon cake is delicate, smooth and without a doubt the best vegan cake in Melbourne. With options to choose from 3 different sizes and 5 decadent flavours, this cake is a sure shot winner.

IE 149 Ninja turtle

To be honest, this one’s not so much for the kids but the more for the parents. We are sure all ’80s and ‘90s kids remember the golden, or should we say green?, an era of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. *cue theme song*

We loved ninja turtles and fast forward two decades(god I feel old) they are ever so popular and still in demand. Isher’s Ninja turtle cake is pure buttercream frosting on a moist rich cake base. You can choose and get Leonardo, Donatello’s Michelangelo’s or Raphael’s face on the cake, depending on your kid’s preference.

Available in 4 flavours and 3 different diameters. Cowabunga people!

After reading the article have you decided if you are you going to have a cartoon character themed cake for your kid’s next birthday party? If all the cake shop near me searches have been useless till date then shop at Isher’s and order a cake that looks like Mickey, Donald, Superman, Batman or any other character of your choice.

Cartoons are our superheroes and there is always a need for them in every age or any part of the world. Isher takes the madness and craze of these characters to another delicious level by delivering a wide range of mouth-watering vegan and eggless cakes. Let us be a part of your celebrations to make them memorable.

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