Baking has gone beyond just a profession. It has achieved the level where it has turned into art. But every artist needs tools. For a painter, he needs colors and brush, and a sculptor needs his rasps and riffles. Similar to that we need well-honed latest tools to bake the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. Back in time, different regions used different tools to achieve same results. But with time the tools used in our industry have found standards and have reached a level where they can cater needs in the most efficient ways.

We have collected a list of some tools and accessories that every bakery needs:

Set of Piping Nozzles

In good old times, bakers had plenty of time when only piping bags were used to design cake tops and borders. With time bakers started designing accessories for their piping bags. A set of flowers to the intricately designed Neapolitan cake frills, every design can be done with perfection using a Nozzle that supports your piping bag. Making simple to professional looking layer cakes to the most impressive and customized piped buttercream cakes one needs these piping nozzles. We use a set of 16 Nozzles that assist our team in designing the best cakes in Melbourne.

Palette knife

Every ounce of energy put in elevating the cake base and making a too yum ganache comes down to the way the cake looks. The cake edge you create while applying buttercream tells how skilled you are. If you have honed the right skill, the palette knife will give you more control while spreading the buttercream on the sponge and make the flush level even. Try using a cranked spatula instead of straight as it gives you more control and most importantly it keeps your fingers away from cream when working on wide birthday cakes.


Turntables are best at giving your eggless and vegan cakes the professional and smooth look by spreading the cream most consistently. It even assists in providing uniform patterns on buttercream cakes with speed and ease. Merely place your sponge on the turntable and load it with a spatula with one hand and keep rotating it with other. Getting your handset on the turntable can take your cake decorating skills to the next level. You can make all the round patterns without moving your position; it saves loads of time a perfect finish patterns.

Nylon or Rubber Spatulas

Who want to waste the special paste and creams that are so heartfelt prepared for a cake. The Rubber spatulas are used to save you from letting these ingredients from getting wasted. These are great at scraping up bottoms of all the baking utensils used in batter and cream mixtures. We would suggest that you use a nylon scraper as it will remain intact even if your container is hot. Moreover, it is very easy to clean even for high saturated fat preparations. Being the best cake shop in Melbourne, we make sure not to waste ingredients.

Cooling Rack

The freshly baked sponge cannot be allowed to sit in the pan or a plain surface for too long. So you either decide to keep tossing it from one side to the other after very short intervals or find a solution. Wire racks can be one of the best solutions. Firstly, they let the cake sponge cool down from both sides. Secondly, they are very easy to clean, instead of the staggered base that was once used. Thus, to cool down freshly baked sponge move it quickly to a wire rack and avoid soggy bottoms.

Measuring Scale

For vegan cakes, baking has indeed become a science. As you have to make sure you keep the exact amount of elevating or rising agents. It would save your sponge from getting too hard or too mushy. You can try using measuring cups, but it is always better to use the best when you are baking the best vegan cakes in Melbourne. Even while baking the eggless cakes we use measuring scale as we do not want our beloved customers to extra vanilla or caramel. Having a digital scale can also save you from a measuring spoon set as it will even give you a better measure.

Cake scraper

A spatula is good for the top surface but is not good enough for the sides. In this case, the cake scraper comes to the rescue. You can load the cake side with loads of buttercream. Then put the scrapper on the side and rotate the bottom with the other hand. Cake scraper is also used while giving a uniform crumb coat as you do not want dabs of the crumb coat to stick on the surface as it still adds to the taste. Using a scraper is essential while working on custom cakes. It is critical to have a smooth surface to let the designers work on that.

Cake Leveler

Regardless of the recipe you use, you would always find that your sponge would still come out of the oven with a dome. So to get a uniform spread of ganache and stacking your cake for multi-tier cake you need a cake leveler. Even if you have a steady hand, we would suggest you use a cake leveler. The leveler will also give you a super fine layering surface thus avoiding ganache pits, though we doubt anyone would ever dislike that. If you are searching for a cake shop near me, for a perfect multi-tier cake. Then, we are the answer.

Baking a cake is a lot more than just a cake base and tasteful cream composition. Every effort put in baking and making a delicious ganache is wasteful until we give the cake a look it deserves. We have just mentioned some of the basic tools used in cake baking. When you work on a bigger scale, you need more reliable and over the edge solutions for some these activities. At Isher eggless bakers we wish to give our client experience of a lifetime, something that is as good for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. So come online and try some of our eggless and vegan birthday cakes Melbourne at www.isher.com.au

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