Making a birthday cake is such a joyful experience. Whether you make a plain sweet cake, a large birthday cake or a multi-tier wedding cake. Every single one has to have a perfect signature taste. At Isher eggless bakers we bake the best Vegan cakes in Melbourne. Starting from the buttercream frosting to designer borders and ribbons every cake we bake has a unique blend of art and flavor. The fresh cakes present a whole universe of incredible taste, style, textures, and effects. So to help you explore these icing, we have got down some easy cake icing techniques that would come handy when dressing your cake:

1 - Let's start with Freezing the cake

Freezing the birthday cake base for at least an hour is very important for getting a soft but light sponge base. To maintain the softness let the layers cool down and immediately plastic wrap them. If you need to store and travel with the base, then double the plastic wrap coating. You can even apply a layer of oil before covering the sponge in aluminum foil. All the precautions are necessary to keep the aroma and flavor of the sponge intact.

2 - Crumb coat Cake Decoration

The crumb coat is the thin layer of frosting used to avoid the loose crumbs. Every cake maker uses this thin layer of frosting that traps stray cake crumbs and prevents the bits from popping up after you have finished the cake. It also helps in filling in any gaps between the cake layers and gives a solid surface before the final smooth coating starts. So regardless of the quality of the buttercream you use, make sure you have the crumb coat set before moving ahead to finish. Let the coat settle down for 20-30 minutes before the final dressing. At Isher’s we have range of crumb coat vegan and eggless cakes.

3 - For super smooth edges

Once your crumb coat is set we move on to the upper layer. Now pop the overall frosting on the cake. Moreover, use the offset spatula to spread the extra buttercream to the sides and towards the bottom of the cake. Keep turning the cake while you pull the excess frosting toward the bottom. For finishing off the cake and get those super-smooth edges to hold a bench scraper set it at the base and start with smooth complete rotation. Gradually continue to rotate the cake and scrape off the bench scraper and continue till the desired smoothness is achieved. Especially the custom cakes need the edges to be worked extra special for the layers that are expected to come atop it.

4 - Topping up with Scallops

Scallops are one of the easiest through a fancy and easy way to decorate a cake. It becomes even more rewarding as it doesn’t need any fancy tools. Just get together a small spoon and a Ziploc bag or piping bag. Fill one corner of the piping bag with flavored frosting and cut off the edge. Now as you pipe the frosting, use the spoon or spatula to press down the dollop and swipe toward the rotation. Keep repeating until you have your set of decoration from top to bottom. Search cake shop near me and get yourself a custom cake decorated with scallops.

5 - Piping the roses

Piping the frosting is one of the most fun ways to create a variety of designs. Let's start with a cover of roses, using the star piping. Use a medium closed star piping tip and begin at the center and pipe slowly in a counter-clockwise motion and to finish off with a swirl. For the rosette, effect keeps the same stylized swirls of frosting. Start from the bottom move towards the top line by line. Our delightful vegan cake lovers love the rosette cakes that have loads of cream and great flavor.

6 - Stenciled and Metallic embossed

These are one of the modern ways of cake decoration. You can always make small fondant imprints on the cake .But what if your family doesn’t need a fondant touch ? Well not to worry, make your outer layer of icing more firm and let the standard impressions of the stencils fall on the surface in patterns. The challenge is that the patterns have to be symmetric. To ensure that your stencil or pattern die is up to complete length from top to bottom for a refined touch. You can even make a mixture of metallic sparkle dust and rum. Now dip the cake embosser in the lustre and press against the buttercream. Isher brings to you variety of stenciled and metallic embossed everyday cakes. You will love them for their taste and design.

7 - Marzipan cutouts

Marzipan cutouts very easy to make and are widely used in making the colorful impact on cakes. They are also very good in getting the story out with the artistic touch. One can add loads of whimsical elements to the cake. All you need is liquid food coloring to be added into the marzipan. Then cut out the desired shapes with a knife or forks and then stick them. You can finish off the marzipan by dusting the sugar. We have some of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne in Marzipan cutouts.

8 – Ruffles for the finishing touch

This one might be a tricky one but give the best effect of all the above. This is one of the best borders for fashion-forward. Use a simple petal piping tip and start from the bottom with the fat end touching the base and move toward the top. Just ensure that you run the piping tip at the same gap to the top. This showstopper design is also known as the Neapolitan design and is one of the different icing modern styles.

The cake decoration is like an art. You can be as creative as your design allows. From writing names to telling stories, cake is the best way to make someone feel special. Even dusting the edges can leave a great impact on the way the cake looks. Isher Eggless Bakers, being the best bakery in Melbourne, have worked for years to give you the most adorable and tasteful cakes that make your party even more memorable.

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