"If Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is" - only chocolate lovers can relate to this quote. Right, choco peeps? Having a bar of chocolate when you are feeling choco craving is the ultimate form of paradise.

Chocolates and chocolate cakes never go out of style. Trends may come and go, but chocolate cakes were and are still everyone's favorite. From kids to elders, everyone on their birthdays searches for best "chocolate cakes near me."

So are you ready to enter Charlie's Chocolate Factory?

Indulge yourself in Isher Bakers irresistible chocolate bakes. And, give your taste buds a trip to chocolate.

Our gooey and decadent cake collection includes chocolate cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits.

1.IE 159 Chocolate Cake With Fondant Flower

One of the best cakes in Melbourne is here!! Super-moist cake with melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate buttercream frosting is difficult to miss. The luscious cake is covered with chocolate ganache drip. The cake is Chocolate Overload, and you won't regret eating this eggless delicacy.

Fondant Chocolate Flower at the top of the cake gives it a more tempting and irresistible look.

2.Chocolate Strawberry Delight Cake IE 261

Delight yourself with a combination of chocolate and strawberries.

This delight cake is topped with rich frosting(free from dairy, eggs, and nut) and juicy, fresh strawberries. Chocolates and Strawberries, together go well hand in hand. The cake is so moist and spongy that you will want to eat the entire cake at once.

Get ready to dip your fingers in this luscious cake and relive your childhood days.

3.Chocolate Fruit Festival Cake IE 235

So, this cake is for all Chocolate Lovers who love to have crumbs of fruits in their chocolate bar. Being one of the best cakes in Melbourne, we leave no stone unturned to bake your favorite cake.

This cake is all about rich chocolate and fresh seasonal fruits. In each bite of the cake, you will enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate and juicy fruits. If you want to order a healthy chocolate cake, then this is one of the perfect choices. The cake is free of dairy as well as rich in seasonal fruits.

4.VC 141 Chocolate cake

Isher Bakers is known to serve the best eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. We can never disappoint our vegan customers. So, we have a delicious vegan chocolate cake in a bucket.

This cake is for all vegans out there. Satisfy your chocolate cravings, free from any dairy or egg products. The cake is so moist and light that you can't resist a single slice. Moreover, the cake is designed with chocolate buttercream piping and flowers. So, what are you waiting for? Order the cake now.

5.Chocolate Rose Vine Cake IE 165

Isher's Rose Vine Cakes is one of the most popular choices by the customers. If you are a bit confused about whether to order a rosette cake or a chocolate cake? Then, to fix the doubt, we have Chocolate Rose Vine Cake.

Vanilla base with chocolate piping and swirls of buttercream roses is a great idea if you are planning to confess your love. Order this delicious and delicate eggless cake in Melbourne from Isher Eggless Bakery now and give your sweetheart a memorable day!!

6.Dark Chocolate Cupcake IE 501

Rich in nutrients and the best source of antioxidants; Dark chocolate has proven health benefits. At Ishers, we make sure to bake the cake good for our customer's health. So, if you are looking for a cake shop near me to order a dark chocolate cake or cupcake, don't look further, we are here to serve you.

Whether it is a small gathering or an evening sweet craving, cupcakes are the best desserts to offer someone. Isher's Dark Chocolate Cupcake is baked out of rich cocoa and is so delicious that you will regret not ordering it before!!

7.Chocolate Cookies

After a daylong work, everyone wants a relaxing evening. Isn't it? Yes, definitely. To bring relieve and taste to your evening tea, Isher bakers have a crisp packet of Chocolate Cookies for you.

Whether you are calling your friends over tea at home, or want to carry a snack to the office; the pack of chocolate cookies is an ideal choice. The crisp and freshness of these cookies will make your evening tea so relish that you will wait for it the whole day long!!

The best birthday cakes in Melbourne are a click away from you. Have you forgotten a birthday or anniversary? No worries!! Choose from our list of everyday cakes your favorite chocolate flavor, and your cake is 2 hours away from your order.

Celebrations call for chocolate. The celebration is not only about days and dates; it's about moments, hours, and life. And Chocolates is the best dessert to celebrate.

So, don't look for birthdays and anniversaries, if you are craving for a chocolate cake. Take your phone out and order these chocolaty desserts now at isher.com.au/

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