If you are reading this blog, then wish “Happy Birthday” to the special person from our side also. You are thinking about the symbolic representation of a birthday called “birthday cake” and probably fantasizing about your favorite flavor. Well, stop salivating and concentrate on the serious business of ordering a special birthday cake for the birthday person.

A bad birthday cake can be a party spoiler, and most of it would only be used to smash the birthday boy’s/girl’s face. In that case, if you are the one who ordered the cake, you should catch a corner in the room, avoid the question, “who ordered this cake?” and try to save yourself from the embarrassment of ordering a mouthful of creamy garbage.

Let’s say you live in Melbourne, you had planned it all for the birthday party but that last minute client call in the office stopped you, from going to the best cake shop in Melbourne. Or suddenly you had to go out of Melbourne for urgent work, and now you are unsure if you will get the best birthday cake in Melbourne for the party.

Next thing you do is pick up your phone, open your browser and search for “ best cakes in Melbourne” and rush to order a cake online, but wait! Ordering a good cake online is not that simple. Your love for the birthday human is directly proportional to the research you do before ordering a cake online. And to help you we are providing you with five tips for ordering a perfect birthday cake online:

  1. Do not choose just another cake maker

Making good cakes is an art. It takes time, effort and passion for making cakes. From mixing to baking, it is an intricate journey. You cannot give such a big responsibility to just any link that you first saw in search results of “cake shop near me” in your browser. Check reviews, recommendations, their specialty, designs, and service they offer to the customers on their website. Don’t fall for the mouthwatering pictures they post on their site. Check if they have a social media handle. You can get a lot of information about people’s perception of their cakes. This will help you in deciding if they are good.

  1. Don’t forget the option of customization

You can make their day more special if you customize the birthday cake for them. This will show that you have gone an extra mile before ordering the cake. Think about the birthday person, their hobbies or interests. From a football to a beer bottle, you can ask your cake maker to create any design on the cake. Give them as much information as you can, send them a picture if possible. Also, keep in mind the number of guests and accordingly the size of the cake should be decided. Ask them to show a 3D design, if possible, before they start making it.

  1. Check if the guests are vegan

With the increasing awareness about the health benefits of eating vegetarian food, many people in western countries are going vegan these days. In that case, you don’t want to exclude them from the cake party you planned.

Check the guest list once again before ordering and to be on the safe side order an extra cake (a vegan one) in case you are not sure if the guests’ preference. You can easily find the vegan cake providers in your city by searching for them online with the name of your city, for example, vegan cake in Melbourne or eggless cakes in Melbourne.

  1. Place your order in time

Understand that your cake may take time to get prepared especially if it is a customized one. Ask the bakery or cake shop about the time they generally take to bake and deliver the cake. If you want a freshly baked cake of your choice, then that may go out of stock, or there may not be enough time for the bakery to produce it in the last minute.

Also, keep in mind that haste makes waste. If you do not give enough time to the baker, then the resultant product may spoil your mood. You must look for the best bakery in Melbourne to deliver you the best cake in a short period.

  1. Fix a budget

We know that the person is extraordinary for you and you can shower all your money on her/him but be a little soft on your pocket. You may have planned other things on their birthday, and that will require some dollars too. Hence, fix your budget before ordering the cake.

Cost of your cake will depend on size, flavor, customizing options and designs. This may require a little bit of mathematics from your side to create a fantastic combination of all these factors and keep the cake under your budget. Also, do not hesitate in discussing your options available with the online bakery in your budget.

I will say that from wherever you order the birthday cake, give extra thought about him/her before ordering online. Express more through the flavor, by writing nickname on the cake or just keeping in mind if they are vegan or would prefer an eggless cake in the party.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and will keep these points in mind before you place an order for a cake next time online. At Isher’s, we make sure to deliver you the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

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