Frosting, a way to create thick velvety, creamy glaze made of sugar, milk or water and augmented with butter, cream cheese or flavorings. A nice vegan cake cannot be envisioned without a tempting and delightful frosting. Cake and frosting go hand in hand, either of them cannot stand out alone. Frosting is also known as icing and “Icing On the Cake” would be if it is done in a handy and skillful way.

Here are 5 important tips for frosting eggless cakes in a better way

  1. Beat the mixture of fat and sugar for a longer duration-

Eggless cakes often miss out on the necessary fluff it is intended to offer, it can just be attained by whipping or beating the mixture for a longer duration. It just brings in the right amount fluffiness and frothiness in the cake. Since excess of everything is bad; try not to overbeat the batter lest the cake will sink in the middle. While baking an eggless cake, this tip is of utmost priority since one shouldn’t compromise with the softness of the cake.

  1. Ensure Flat tops before filling or frosting

Symmetry matters and hence it is always preferred to have a leveled top while putting the icing on the cake. Flat tops make the frosting looks evenly put and gives a classier look. It also helps in piling the additives and decorative items on the cake at ease or else items on the fondant might tend to fall. An emphasis should also be laid while filling between the layers such that each layer has a leveled top and they hold on to each other as a complete ensemble.

Flat tops can always be accomplished by turning the cake upside down. The best cake shops in Melbourne take care of all these things while frosting their cakes.

  1. Apply the frosting from center to edges

It is always recommended to begin the frosting from the center. A scoop of icing at the center can be laid and then it can be spread across the edges. If enough buttercream is left at the edges, it can easily be slid to the sides. Applying the fondant from its edges to the center might increase the density at the center and then the consistency of the cake will not be intact.

Avoid too much frosting at the edges, it might spill when another layer is piled over it.

  1. Do not add the dry ingredients in the cream beforehand

Adding dry ingredients beforehand might create deflation of the airy batter. So, it is suggested to mix the dry ingredients in such a manner that the airy texture of the cake is not disturbed. Once the batter of cream and cheese is whipped in the right proportion, then adding the dry ingredients in the mixture will be the right decision. It is recommended to add both of them in a separate container where the batter is poured and mixed slowly with the dry ingredients. It will help in preventing the deflation of the fruit cake or rising of the air bubble.

  1. Remove the cake from the mold after baking and use a warm spatula

Once the cake is baked and is taken out of the oven, remove it from the mold and let it cool. Cooling the cake will make it look flat and dense too. Longer the cooling time, symmetrical the cake.

It is advised to always dip the spatulas in a container of warm water before using it for applying the frosting. A warm spatula melts the frosting while applying and make it look evenly distributed and sleek. Since this is not a “must-do” tip but doing this would make your cake look more presentable and professional.

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