Having a dessert is all about feeding your soul with your desire to eat something sweet & delicious. And being a cake lover, you will perpetually find yourself in a situation where the craving for cake will strike you anytime.

More or less, it is something that will keep on striking regardless of the occasion & the time of the year. Whether it's a lunch, evening snack or dinner, one always feel the urge of eating something sweet. And sometimes it becomes very difficult to resist. Being a Dessert Lover, it is quite normal to feel so.

Variety of cakes are available but when it comes to choosing the best bakery in Melbourne, the first name that comes to mind is Isher Eggless Bakers. We have come up with 5 must-try everyday cakes that you should taste at least once as a cake lover!

  1. Snow-White Creamy Cake with Yellow Flowers (Everyday Cake IE 252): It is a very simple everyday cake, which is the reason why it is the top seller. This snow-white creamy cake wins the heart of every cake lover. Also, the yellow-colored flowers on the top add extra beauty to the cake. However, when it comes to the taste, this everyday cake again tops the list of best birthday cake in Melbourne. Baked using the vanilla layers & whooped with white buttercream, this cake will easily melt inside your mouth. You can definitely try this vegan dessert to get over the Monday Blues.
  2. Pop Blue Frosting Cake (Everyday Cake IE 250): Planning a treat for friends? It's time for dessert that will add extra sweetness to your celebrations. The stunning pop of this blue everyday eggless cake will add a new sense of fun to your treats. It is beautifully enclosed with the blue frostings on the top as well as the bottom. Furthermore, the sheer creativity on the top makes this cake look perfect for your small celebrations. Give it a try on the Foodie Tuesday & you will certainly agree with us!! End your search for a cake shop near me and order this delicious cake now!!
  3. Blossom Floral Cake (Everyday Cake IE 253): Floral cakes are delicious as well as look really beautiful. Be it March, April, May or anytime, the Blossom Floral cake will always cheer your mood. Undoubtedly, this cake is elegantly adorned with bright white & yellow flowers on the top. Also, this charming arrangement of flowers on the white buttercream background complements the overall appearance of this floral cake. Add this delicious cake to your list & enjoy your Wednesday celebrations with blossoms!
  4. Tiara Themed Cake (IE 211 Everyday Cake): Looking for an eggless cake in Melbourne for your lovely mom, daughter, friend or girlfriend? This Tiara Themed Cake will make you look like a rockstar! Just take a look at the beautiful arrangements of the flowers, especially the roses. Not only they look adorable but also enhance the beauty of this everyday cake. It is a classic idea to surprise your lovely ladies with this amazing cake. Try this cake in your favorite flavor. Satisfy your craving with this cake and make Thursday a joyful day.
  5. Creamy Fruit Cake (Everyday Cake IE 246): Yay, It is Friday! Have you been waiting to say this for the whole week? If yes, then surely it's time to celebrate & leave all the stress at bay. Not only on Friday's but you can taste it any other day to satisfy your desire to eat something sweet & healthy. This creamy fruit cake is a great & healthy idea to do so. Let all the worries get out of your mind & feed your soul with an amazing blend of fruits & whipped white buttercream. This Creamy fruit cake is delicate, smooth and without a doubt the best vegan cake in Melbourne.

Would you like to know the best part about these everyday cakes? At Isher Eggless Bakers, we guarantee our customers to get the vegan cakes delivery ready within just two hours. Yes, you heard it right. If you feel like having something sweet, just order it online. We just need two hours to bake your favorite everyday cake & bring a big fat smile to your face. Because of our consistent hard work towards adding a fun sense of design & color to the cakes, we have been known as one of the best cake shops in Melbourne. Besides that, Isher has always kept the standard & quality of the gluten-free cakes up to the mark by using fresh ingredients and keeping the baking area clean & hygienic.

Whether it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any other day, don't give it a second thought & try our 5 must-try everyday cakes!

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