A birthday party is incomplete without a themed cake. And now a day’s cakes are moving to the next phase with a different theme for different age groups. However, when it comes to selecting a birthday cake for boys, one category is the number one choice, The SuperHero Cakes. Superheroes are the number one fascination for the boys worldwide. The fantasies driven by great power and excitement drive them. It motivates and boosts them to turn into their favorite character one day. They wish to be like them and making a Superhero birthday cake is the best idea for their birthday celebrations. While baking the best birthday cakes in Melbourne; we consider that It is a promise in these cakes that instantly bring a grin on their face. Let’s take a look at some of the best birthday cake ideas for your young one's birthday party and turn it into a memorable event for years to come:

  1. The Batman Cake

What amazes the young ones better than a billionaire lifestyle with a super intelligent brain and kind heart? Thus, Batman is one of the superheroes that most of the young ones fancy. So if your little munchkin is a fan of Batman, then the Batman-themed birthday is the best treat for him in a Batman themed party. A Batman themed cake can be a simple Image cake to a full fondant multi-layer fantasy cake. The fondant themed cakes have all the critical element of Batman and his gadgets. The logo of Batman or a sugar figurine all compiled together give this fantasy cake a real-life image of the Batman theme. The cake color can be classic black and yellow with a great taste and fluffy whipped cream frosting.

  1. Spiderman Cake

When it comes to boy’s birthday party, Spiderman cakes are a big hit. With a story of a young high school kid, every little boy aspires to become the Spiderman. Moreover, it is always amazing to turn the symbols and gadgets of your favorite superhero characters into a delicious combination. Our Spiderman themed birthday cake is another example of our delicious theme superhero cakes. The fresh cream cake has a spider web cake base with white cream on top. The top has a spider web and the spiderman mask to give this cake a real Spiderman theme cake grace. The cake is available in two versions, single layer with web and the other with additional lower round layer for larger gatherings. The vegan spiderman version of this cake is also available for our vegan cake lovers.

  1. Captain America Theme Cake:

Imagine a full-size Captain America shield cake it would sure make your little one scream with joy. Captain America is one of the most respected Marvel Character with ideas and morals. His rare metal shield is considered one and the only gadget he uses. As the best cake shop in Melbourne, our deliciously soft and tender theme chocolate cake is baked and layered with loads of chocolate ganache. The delectable Captain America Shield Cake can have the red, white and blue tone in fondant as well as fresh cream. The cake top can have the little captain America stars and helmet. This real piece of cake art can be made in multiple layers to make your celebration even more glamorous. This cake can be a perfect delight for the Captian America fan.

 4. Ben10 Theme cakes:

This cake is perfect for your sci-fi fanboy. The magic that Science, superpower, and school going age does for the little ones is amazing. Ben10 is the perfect superhero for school going kids and inspires them to be a better person while telling them the importance of grandparents. This green joyful baby boy birthday cake is best is perfect for your little one. The cake can have a Ben10 watch fondant as shape or can have a couple of Ben 10 theme alien shapes or sugar figurines on the top. So start your little one's birthday party with a punch of alien superheroes with this amazing superhero cake.

  1. Avengers Birthday Cake Ideas

This ultimate superhero theme cake is one of the grand cakes for the themed Cake for your little one’s celebration. This great conglomerate of superhero characters like Hulk, Batman, Ironman, Captain America and other is a great tribute to the Avengers world. The cake is baked with a single tier and a group of fondants designs combined at the top. The other one can be done by making multiple layers and devoting each layer to one of the Avengers. This cake is a great combination of a lot of pretty colors. It can have green for Hulk, Red for Spiderman, Black and yellow for Batman and many more. This beautiful cake can be a delight for the eyes as well as taste buds for the little-themed army in your kid’s birthday party celebrations.

There’s something about the Birthday parties that these seem incomplete until a themed cake is marked to make it special. And a themed birthday cake is the best way to make your little one's birthday more memorable. The thrill on the face of young ones is remarkable when they see the themed birthday cake. At Isher Eggless Bakers we create a wide range of design and themes for the best egg free cakes in Melbourne. We serve a wide range of combinations from cartoon characters to movie themes. So what are you waiting for? Order online or call us at 0426 523 343 and make your Little Super Hero`s birthday super special.

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