What is the word that comes to your mind when you think about winters? Cold is my go-to word. Do you know what tastes good when served cold? It’s CAKE. Human’s best creation without a doubt. When the temperature drops, a slice of delicious winter cake feels like a warm hug. Finding a winter-themed cake at bakeries in Melbourne used to be a task. But, now Isher Eggless Bakers is here to bake you any eggless or vegan cake.

You don’t need a reason to eat cake but if there’s a special occasion coming up then that calls for a celebration. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or farewell, you should have the best cake in Melbourne to celebrate.

You are reading this blog that means you are either looking for inspiration or want to place an order for a winter-themed cake. Well, no need to fret now. We have accumulated a list of 5 best seller winter wonderland theme cake ideas that you’ll love.

From kids to adults, birthdays to weddings, we’ve got one for everyone. Keep your spoons ready; we are going to dive right into the world of winter-themed cakes without any further delay.

Ice cream Cone Cake IE 363

I scream you scream we all scream Ice cream! *Sigh* Ice cream is such a nostalgic word for everyone. Whether it’s cream-based or sorbet, it is delicious. Some people have had heated discussions about whether ice cream is good or a cake is better. We are here to put an end to this discussion. We’ve combined both teehee.

Our Ice Cream cone cake looks as delicious and magnificent as it sounds. It is mainly white with an ombre effect on the base. It has purple, pink, and mauve rosettes placed deliberately to give a sprinkled effect. This 6-inch high cake has an ice cream cone as the centerpiece with colours sprinkles on and around it. Available in 5 different flavors, it easily amongst the best eggless cakes in Melbourne that has an ice cream cone on top.

Blue Aumbrey Rosette Cake IE 287

Next up is our best seller in the rosette cake category. It blue, delicious, pretty, and eggless. A bouquet of roses is old news, use a cake to impress. This cake has blue rosettes all over it with silver pearls scattered on top that makes it look regal. And the colour blue is so vibrant yet soothing at the same time. A perfect addition to a winter-themed birthday party.

This cake has a single tired but available 8-inch and 10-inch size with five layers in total. The cake base is moist, soft and available in vegan and eggless options and you’ll love the buttercream. Five base and buttercream flavours available for this cake are black-forest, chocolate, vanilla mango, vanilla pineapple, and vanilla strawberry.

IE 190 Disney Frozen Cake

When Frozen movie premiered, it took everyone by a storm. It is still very popular. From children to parents, everyone loved Elsa and Anna. But Olaf is our personal favourite. Why? He accurately represents the winter season. Fun chilled out and damn right cozy. If you search “cake shop near me” you might find bakeries that make frozen theme inspired cakes, but they are very few that serve eggless cakes.

Our Disney Frozen cake looks like winter escapade in its own. The buttercream is a mixture of white, lightest blue and dark blue. The frosting is placed by a scalpel to make it look like snow waves. It has all the movie characters as centerpieces on top. It is available in 5 different flavours and two different sizes.

IE 202 Starbucks Coffee Cup Cake

Unlike the name suggests this Starbucks coffee cupcake is a full-fledged * inch cake. If you know any Starbucks maniac like me, then this is like a perfect gift no matter the season or the occasion. One of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. You can also get it personalized.

Shaped like a Starbucks ice cream/ whipped cream cold coffee with straw, logo, and all the jazz, this cake is truly a masterpiece. It is available in 4 mouth-watering flavours such as vanilla with white chocolate truffle fill/ dark chocolate ganache and chocolate with white chocolate truffle fill/dark chocolate ganache. Tell us about a perfect cake if you can, we’ll wait.

VC 310 Cherry Blossom Cake

Have you ever seen cherry blossoms in mid-winter? It’s very rare but super pretty. That inspires our Cherry blossom cake. It is a two-tiered beauty that melts your heart. Super pretty and delicious at the same time.

Isher is the best cake shop in Melbourne with lots of cakes but is without a doubt one amongst our favourite. The 3 D pink and white cherry blossoms with brown branches on the white base look so royal that it’s perfect for a wedding for an anniversary. Available in 5 different flavours and two different sizes this is a cake that you don’t want to miss on.

At Isher, we believe in versatility, and it clearly shows in our cakes. Be it flavours, decoration, or styles; we have a wide range of choices in each one of them. The best part? All the cakes we bake are completely eggless.

If you are looking for vegan cakes in Melbourne, then we have many options for that too. All you have you to do is browse through our menu and place an order. We’ll deliver it right at your doorstep.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Ciao!

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