A wedding is the most beautiful event in one’s life. More so, the wedding cake is one of the most delicious ways to start your beautiful journey. The wedding cake has been a part of the wedding receptions for centuries now, be it a simple wedding or a grand one with all the pomp and show. There’s hardly anything as delicious to complement a celebration as the wedding cake. However, with time cake decorating trends are moving ahead with new trends and techniques making wedding cake decoration more interesting. Though what is trending today may end up being the story of past. And as the cake shop in Melbourne, we make sure that every wedding cake we make has the beauty that compliments your wedding theme as well as the trends today.

So if you are thinking of getting a great cake design for your wedding, we have collected the list of 10 fantastic wedding cake Ideas to make your wedding celebrations utterly memorable:

1 - Perfect Romance with Red Roses

This cake is for an exceptionally romantic and heartwarming reception. The cake top can have a rose bouquet or a topper of choice. The upper covering on the cake is with fresh eggless buttercream with only flowers made with fondant. The three-tiered cake has a perfect grace with Red roses on each tier of this absolutely fantastic cake. This floral perfection is well suited for a countryside wedding theme.

2 - Edible lace cake

This wedding cake is for the lovers of the graceful royal celebrations. The lace reminds of the times when everything was adorned with laces and bows. From dresses to hats and suits to cakes everything had an extra coating with lace. The eggless edible lace is a challenge for cake decorators with the finicky mixture expert skill and patience at best. And as we bake the best cakes in Melbourne, we can have your cake designed with same class and grace.

3 - Sealed forever:

Alas, this cake is a clear depiction of who is going to lead the bond. The cake side is loaded with a fondant prediction of the Lady getting the hold of the man trying to escape. Even the cake top has a depiction of the lady leading the man towards the dais. The lustrous fondant coated cake is perfect for a city smart wedding. The 2 tier cake is ideal for an exclusive though opulent wedding.

4 - The Bollywood Touch

This unique wedding cake is for the ethnic Indian celebration. The theme of the cake can also be called desi wedding style. The cake has the unique jeweled look of ethnic Indian dresses that is for sure going to catch everyone's eye. The cascade of sugar pearl work with a glitter of edible spiracles is a sight to adore. This colorful cake is for sure going to amaze and a memory of your non-Indian friends. This cake is also offered as the best vegan cake in Melbourne for your ethnic troupe.

5 - Words and names

When you plan to express your love with a cake, then this is a cake for you. Every tier of this cake can have a story of your love. From the first date to the proposal day every occasion can have its mention. You can spell it loud or put it in images or just fondant designs to make every memory a part of your future. This cake is the one you can easily search online with cake shop near me and order to make as per your desire.

6 - The Rosette Tower

This 4 tier cake is adorned with our signature rosette décor. Every tier of the cake can have unique rosette color on each level. For more subtle cake lovers you can even have this cake designed in the ombre effect from pink to cream or white to sea blue. This amazing eggless cake has loads of eggless cream, and the flavor goes to the core. This beautiful cake is most suitable for a garden themed wedding.

7 Ruffles Cakes

The Fanciful frills are the charm of this eggless cakes and the best way to show off the prettiness. The intricate layers of the frill design are dramatic, sweet and filled with such loveliness that is for sure to catch everyone’s eyeballs. It takes expert care and precision in designing the frill, but as it wins the heart of the most critics in just one look, it makes all the effort worth it.

8 - Cherry blossom cake

This cake is inspired by the Japanese flower of Sakura. This cake is an impression of the beauty of life. It also reminds us to live in the present and enjoy the beauty and grace in today. The multi-layer cake has loads of fresh buttercream topped with cherry blossom flowers. This cake has a flavor of cherry blossom in sponge as well as the frosting.

9 - The Naked Beauty

So if you are not a fan of frills and laces or even buttercream and want to give your wedding a traditional look, then this cake is perfect for you. This cake has layers of cake sponge filled with thick cream in between and almost no icing of the surface. The cake design itself is in the form of sponge color and how well the sponge looks in true color with grains. This cake looks great with a set of cupcakes to be a part of the baked lot on the desserts table.

10 - Painted Perfection

The hand painted cake has coats of fondant which is then dressed with edible paints to make this real cake piece of art. The fondant on this cake gives the cake a look of marble canvas on which the beautiful color is drawn giving the look of oil on water. This best element of this cake is that it can blend every wedding destination and venue.

At Isher eggless bakers we are dedicated to providing you a lifetime of wedding experience. We spend hours and hours in deciding the most tasteful way of decorating your wedding cake and make it the center of attention of the complete decoration. Our range of Eggless cakes is also available in Vegan cake and Gluten-free versions and we cater to everything from Wedding receptions to the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. So why wait come online at order at https://www.isher.com.au/.

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