Cakes acquire a special place on all occasions. From a tiny toddler to old grannies, no one would deny a piece of delicious cake offered. Cakes can turn the occasion into a special one and it is better to have delicious cakes at your party. Whether it’s a birthday party or your wedding day or any other special occasion, insure to include some tasty inclusions to cheer your guests. As one of the leading vegan bakeries in Melbourne, Isher Egg less Bakers serve egg less cakes, vegan cakes, fondant cakes, and customised cakes for all types of occasions. We serve cakes for all special events and can be customised based on your requirements. We also offer tasty flavoured biscuits, hot baked pizzas, allergy-free cakes, and customised packaging for online cake deliveries in Notting Hill and its nearby suburbs.

We offer a wide range of cakes for various occasions. To know what we offer, take a look at our list of cake menus.

. Number Cakes
. Fruit Cakes
. Anniversary Cakes
. Vegan Cakes
. Edible Image Cakes
. Baby Shower Cakes
. Fondant Cakes
. Festival Cakes & more

We also offer corporate cakes for corporate events, brand inaugurals, and other corporate get-togethers, so if you have a corporate event coming up in Notting Hill, let our cake artists do the magic for you.

Planning a high-tea? Include our freshly-baked flavoured biscuits in your tea party and make your tea chats filled with fun and laughter.

Is your kid allergic to cakes? If so, you can give them our delicious allergy-free cakes, which are health-packed and delicious at the same time.

Need creative packaging for your cakes? We also provide creative packaging for our specially-designed cakes and ensure that it looks the best.

Whatever your occasions are, ensure to fill your table with our colourful cakes and if you have any requirements, feel free to call us on 0426 523 343 today.