Having a celebration coming up across Officer? Call Isher Eggless Bakers onIf you’re fond of vegan cakes, order delicious vegan cakes from Isher Eggless Bakers. We serve eggless cakes, Vegan Cakes gluten-free cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, and much more. You’re sure to be the party host everywhere when you bring our vegan delights to the table. If vegan cakes on your mind all the time, visit our bakery shop and discover an array of vegan desserts, pizzas, biscuits, pastries & so much more. Our cakes come in all sizes and shapes. We welcome your design ideas as well. If you want us to create any celebrity-inspired cake design, our cake artists ensure to craft them and deliver the cake as you imagined. From private parties to graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, weddings and for all the celebrations, let us make every one of your guests go happy with our vegan delights.

Our cakes speak volumes on any occasion, and we offer

. Number Cakes
. Anniversary Cakes
. Vegan Cakes
. Edible Image Cakes
. Baby Shower Cakes
. Fondant Cakes
. Festival Cakes & more

We specialise in designing corporate cakes for all business inaugurals, success parties, and formal get together and much more. We can also instil design elements like your logo, brand name and colour into the cake and ensure it turns all heads with its aroma, look and taste.

Name the cakes you love, and we’ll bake them for you completely vegan and 100% healthy. From colours to ingredients and essence, we ensure to use organic vegan products. So that our vegan cakes remain tasty and healthy in every bite.

Like some fruit cakes? Why wait? Whether you like regular fruits or seasonal hits, we make incredible fruits cakes with fruit toppings that want you to eat them right away.

Have any special queries for packing? Our exquisite customised cake covers are also a hit among customers. Carry them in style & the recipient will be awestruck with our thoughtful design & delicious cake.

If you’re looking to order vegan cakes across Hallam, call Isher Eggless Bakers on 1300447437