If you want to know the way of happiness, you will end up tasting a delicious cake. At Isher Eggless Bakers, we believe that cakes are a way of happiness and with that in mind, we have been offering delicious cakes for our customers has been topped as one of the best Vegan Bakeries in Melbourne. To make all the cake lovers across Clarinda with a happy grin, we have been delivering top-quality vegan cakes & eggless cakes that are made with love and care. We serve eggless cakes and vegan cakes and many other types of cakes for all occasions and ensure you have a happy tasting time. We have a team of cake artists who can create and design cakes that ooze with taste, flavour and richness.

We use fresh ingredients for our cake preparation and with meticulous attention, our cake artists will deliver a beautiful cake designed just as you expected. We also offer cakes for a variety of occasions.

. Vegan Cakes
. Edible Image Cakes
. Cup Cakes
. Every Day Cakes
. Baby Shower Cakes
. Tea Time Cakes
. Red Velvet Cakes & more

If you would like to gorge on some crispy biscuits, we also offer flavoured biscuits that are crispy & freshly baked, which would be perfect for your tea chats. Our freshly baked goodies are made with quality ingredients and ensure they taste good.

Apart from our delicious cakes, biscuits and pizzas, we also excel in packing the cakes artistically. If you’re planning a creative packaging, we are sure to impress your dear one with our unique packaging.

Is your toddler fond of cakes but allergic? We offer allergy-free cakes that are healthy and delicious in every bite.

If you have a party coming up in Clarinda, let our cake artists execute the magic for your occasion. For cake orders, call 0426523343 only.