When you think of a vegan cake, you might think it to be dry and crumbly. What if we say you can get a super-amazing, delicious, decadent vegan cake in any flavour that you want? Yes, you read it right! Looking for a vegan bakery in Melbourne that delivers egg free and dairy free cakes? Count on us to create a custom vegan cake that will wow your guests with its design and taste. Choose from our range of vegan cakes & Order Online Today!

Who said Vegan cakes are not tasty? Must be the people who have never tried vegan cakes of Isher Bakery. If you think vegan cakes are dry and near tasteless, think again. Vegan cakes are not only healthy in many ways but also very delicious. Let’s start with health. Vegan cakes contain high amounts of dietary fibers that can improve your overall health. They also contain antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, and protein, all of which would ensure that your health does not dip after a serving, which could be the case with non-vegan cakes. In addition to this, vegan cakes are also good for the environment. So there’s the added benefit. Since such cakes are loaded with fruits, you can also trust them to be delicious. Our bakers strike the perfect balance between health and taste while preparing vegan cakes. So, if you’re worried about gaining weight because of cake, order a vegan one from Isher Bakers. Choose from several flavors we have to offer, and call us to make any customizations that you need. If you live in Melbourne, you can order our cakes online. We also make cakes for celebratory events, such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate gatherings.