Surprise Your Loved One With These Utterly Delicious Vegan Cakes - Check Them Out!


Sophie • October 8th, 2021

Make every special occasion memorable and unique with heart-warming celebrations & sumptuous vegan cakes. Whether it’s valentines’ day or wedding anniversary cake, success party, midnight birthday celebration or baby shower celebration, all these hold beautiful memories that you can cherish and strengthens your bond. However, it’s incomplete without a sweet treat. We have compiled a list of vegan cakes that are a feast for your eyes and belly & never fail to impress your loved one. From vegan fruit-flavoured cakes to rich chocolate cakes, get ready to immerse in all things delicious.

Vegan Rainbow Cake

This colourful vegan cake has layers of chocolate with a sweet surprise inside. When you gift a cake surprise with magic inside the cake, they’ll surely love it. This impressive cake demands you to cut the cake instantly to unlock the surprise.

Vegan White Chocoholic Mud Cake with Buttercream and Raspberries

Isn’t this vegan white chocolate paired with tangy raspberries a heavenly delight? Whether it's birthdays or meeting your dear one after a long time, this delicious vegan white chocolate cake with raspberries is a must-make and a crowd-pleaser.

Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Cake

This drool-worthy chocolate cake is a winner in all parties and occasions and is a classic chocolate & caramel combo that will please the taste palates of all ages. The cake is layered with a chocolate sandwich and frosted with caramel-infused buttercream.

For an added drama, it’s sprinkled with extra caramel and decorated with toffee popcorn. This cake is too good to be true.

Luxurious Vegan Chocolate Truffle Cake

Is your buddy a chocolate addict? Why not gift a big & sculptural & luxurious vegan chocolate truffle? You can play with a topping of your choice like adding chocolate or nut balls on top to make it more grand & crunchy. When added in parties, you will find them gone in seconds.

Red velvet cake

Who says no to red velvet cake? Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and all other special occasions. It is impossible to resist the bright red sponge layers to the tangy cream cheese. This vegan red velvet cake is moist, tangy and chocolaty, and unbelievably delicious.

Loved our dreamy cake versions? We would love to bring more surprises too! For your special occasion, order vegan cakes from Isher Eggless Bakers. To order, call us on (03) 95435470 today.