How To Veganise A Cake? Secrets Of A Successful Vegan Baking


Sophie • June 17th, 2021

Being a vegan is not as same as being a vegetarian. While vegans neither consume meat, nor eat animal products, a vegetarian consumes dairy products but not eats meat. When it comes to vegan cakes, they are all about baking with no animal-derived ingredients. There will be no eggs, no dairy and no honey. For novice bakers, the idea of making a cake without using butter and eggs seems overwhelming. However, the truth is that there are several wonderful substitutes that can be used to make delicious vegan cakes.

Ingredients And Their Substitutes:

If you don’t realise the chemistry of ingredients, you may end up using incorrect substitutions and getting undesirable results. Here are some vegan substitutes for the regular ingredients:


Eggs add moisture and help to bind the batter better. Many bakers use either banana or applesauce instead of traditional beaten eggs. Tofu, flax seeds, chia seeds and beans also make a perfect substitution for eggs.


Butter adds texture and flavour to your recipe, and helps cake rise evenly. There are numerous non-dairy options available that can be used in place of butter in your vegan cakes. Margarine, olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, masked avocado, avocado oil, vegan butter and apple sauce do their job well.

Milk (Powder):

Milk adds moisture and flavour to any baked goods, making them softer. It also strengthens the batter and adds richness, giving it the correct texture. When it comes to vegan cakes, you can use unsweetened soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk or almond milk to complement your creation.


Sugar that comes straight from the sugar beet is vegan, but the one which is available in the super market is bleached by bone char that’s derived by the bones of cattle. This makes such sugar an animal-derived product and can’t be used in vegan desserts. Instead of regular sugar, you can opt for rice-based syrup or molasses to sweeten the batter. Vegan apple butter can be used as an alternative for calorie-filled frosting.

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